A holiday message
I'm not too fond of the colour red. There isn't a reason for this; I just don't like it.

This is where you, reader, take a second look at my logo and this newsletter and ask - what is Wendy talking about?

When I started Wendolyn Reputation Management, I integrated red into my promotional materials as a secret message to myself: Get uncomfortable. Embrace change.

Messages - private or public - are essential, and they are the first step in every strategy offered at Wendolyn Reputation Management, whether for crisis communications, spokesperson training, or private sector ESG communications.

As we approach the holiday season and New Year, my message to each of you is to choose red and join me in making, and enjoying, change.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a purpose-driven and prosperous 2023.

Ideas for end of year (use it or lose it) budgets
Many of these courses and workshops are valid for professional development credits and the Canada Ontario Job Grant.
Diversity & inclusion training for organizational leadership
Combining 20+ years of communications and my certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, this course helps individuals, companies, and boards of directors to be more supportive of their internal and external stakeholders. This workshop addresses the overlap between the role of the spokesperson and organizational diversity and inclusion objectives.
ESG Communications: messaging for opportunities and risk
Most companies have global supply chains, making it increasingly difficult to have visibility beyond direct suppliers. And, as long as there is a connection between businesses and their supply chains, there is responsibility and, therefore, risk. Communications about good corporate citizenship must now be part of regular and ongoing business risk mitigation. This workshop examines how to do this and why ESG communications is a business versus marketing imperative.
Message delivery + non-verbal communication
advanced training for spokespersons, presenters and leaders
This course integrates media training, message delivery techniques, and non-verbal communication into an advanced training product. Teaming up with behaviour analyst Angela Podolsky, this program equips senior leadership with the communication and kinesics skills to convey information, build rapport, deliver impactful presentations, and win negotiations.
The role of communication in the transaction process
This M&A-focused presentation examines the role communications professionals play in the transaction process. It explores how to prepare for sale by building awareness and enhancing reputation and the strategy around announcing the deal.
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It was an honour
Building Women Founders:
Mastering your message

The Hub is the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus's startup incubator. To date, it has helped over 200 U of T students & alums to launch businesses, coaching them from idea to startup.

Speaking at The Hub as part of their Building Women Founders series was one of this year's highlights - meeting the students, learning about their businesses and providing insight from my own journey to entrepreneurship.

Part of the session focused on the importance of messaging - about their businesses and themselves as founders - and capturing what makes them unique. Good luck to all the UTSC Women Founders and Hub entrepreneurs.
DEI training for Canadian Franchise Executives

The Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program helps individuals at emerging organizations learn how to run a small business and more established leaders to understand how to successfully cultivate a growing enterprise.

The Canadian Franchise Association offers the CFE program led by the talented franchise lawyers at Hoffer Adler LLP, who included Wendolyn Reputation Management's Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging workshop as part of the day-long program.

I look forward to working with more franchise executives to build connections between their roles of spokespersons and corporate DEI objectives.
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