Good Morning!  
Happy April Fool's Day (The start of my  favorite  month!)  
Today we are going to talk about Friends.  I know I am missing all of you and I am sure you are all missing your friends!  
Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg  
Let's Be Friends by Amanda Miller  
5, 4, 3, 2, 1... being friends is so much fun!  
Friends care about each other's feelings. Knowing how a friend is feeling helps you be a good friend yourself!  
  • Brainstorm a few different feelings, like  happy sad surprised , and  mad  
  • In the mirror, your child can practice making a face that shows each feeling.  
  • Then let your child make a face to see if you can guess the feeling!  
  • You can also try looking at emojis on a smartphone together. Can you and your child come up with a feelings word for 10 faces?  
Here's a
for you!
P arents- Have you ever heard of a Victory Garden?  I've been doing some research on building a garden (I've never had time, but now with the whole family home, no excuses).  In my research I keep hearing about Victory Gardens.  I thought I'd share some information I have found.  Good luck and send me pictures if you do make one.    

    H ave a wonderful 1st Day of April!!  Happy to see the sun out, so get outside and soak up the fresh air.  Talk to you all on Friday.  

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