Happy Patrick's Day!
Hope you and your Leprechauns have a magical day!
Here are some ideas for your child to explore today!
This link will give you 25 great St. Patrick's Day art projects.  
  1. Choose 2 books and have story time in your PJ's as it is a rainy day.  If you have Lucky Charms, have it as a snack when you read.
  2. Sensory idea:
    • If your child enjoyed the bubbles keep this going- have them wash baby dolls, plastic animals, legos, etc.
    • Put water in small tubs (restaurant take out containers or Tupperware) with plastic animals, legos, etc and put in freezer for a fun activity later in the week
       3.  Raining days are a good day for an inside Scavenger Hunt.
Have your child decorate a paper bag for treasures!
Scavenger Hunt Ideas:
  • Find something green
  • Find a diamond
  • Find a star
  • Find a rainbow
  • Find something that can hold water
  • Find something sparkly
  • Find something that you can wear on your head
  • Find something that rolls
  • Find something that is clear
  • Find a Baby Photo
  • Find an item you need when it rains.

4. Fine motor/ Literacy:
         Using an old magazine or catalog:  
         ● Search for the letters in their name and cut them out, gluing them in order on a sheet of paper.
         ● Cut, sort and paste pictures of green items; put them in order from small to large
         ● Cut, sort, and paste pictures of items used inside a house vs outside

5. Apps that you may want to check out:

  • ABC 123
  • ABC Mouse
  • AlphaTots
  • BrainPOP



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