Hope you all have had a good week being home. Here a few things to keep you busy for the next few days!

Have story time! Pick a book today that you and your child can act out. Select a book that you think would work well. Choose one with characters that have strong personalities and clear roles in the story.

You might want to choose a story  or even a nursery rhyme that the child already knows. Tell the child you'll be acting out  the story  or poem. Below is a link for books that are good for acting out.

This week you put tubs with toys in the freezer.

Take your ice blocks out of the freezer:
  • How do we get the toys free?
  • Work with your child to figure out what will work best! Use a spray bottle, pour water on the ice. Use salt to melt the ice or a small wooden mallet to break it!

Get outside! Yesterday was the first day of spring!

    1. Before you leave the house, have your child decorate a paper bag for treasures!
    2. Go on a Nature walk- take advantage of local spots that are not often visited- Selleck's Woods, the DCA bird sanctuary, behind the tennis courts at Weed Beach.
  Nature Scavenger Hunt:
● Look for 5 grey rocks: Put them in order of lightest to darkest
● Look for 10 sticks/twigs. Put them in height order. Sort them by width. Make shapes using the twigs you collected. Make letters using the twigs.
● Look for leaves on the ground: Sort them by size and/or shape
● Find an object in each color of the rainbow
● Look for shapes in nature: A square, a triangle, a circle, etc...
Make a Nature collage with objects found on your walk.
Find 5 signs of spring
What are 5 things you hear?
What are 5 things you smell?

Things to do in the house:

Set the Table!
How many forks do we need?
How many plates do we need?

And Parents- I haven't forgotten about you.  We want you to stay healthy and active during this time.  The Darien YMCA Members now have FREE access to 60-Days of On Demand Workouts thanks to a partnership with MOSSA MOVE!  Click here to sign up.

Be safe and stay healthy!  Have a great weekend. I will send anther email out on Monday!

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