Identify and Respond to Specific Warning Signs
While there are more commonly known signs of sexual abuse, it isn't always easy to identify specific situations as being abusive or even to recognize vulnerable environments. Learning more about specific situations can help us to see beyond the obvious and allows us to take action sooner.

As part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we are sharing resources to inform you about these specific situations so that you are able to recognize them and better ensure child safety.
"Can abuse happen without a physical element?"
When a child is treated like an adult, put in adult situations and is not able to act in age-appropriate ways, then yes, regardless of the physicality of this situation, it could have an adverse effect on them. 

"Can teenage boys be sexually 'abused' by an older woman?"
Although the myth of the sexually ravenous male teenager is a popular one, to be clear: if an adult engages in any sexual behavior (looking, showing, or touching) with a child or young teen it is sexual abuse.

Is there a typical profile of someone who sexually abuses children?
Many people may feel that they can recognize a risky person when they come across one, but it isn't that simple.

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