January 22, 2021
Advancing Your Understanding to Further Identify & Mitigate UNCONSCIOUS BIAS — Feb 24 Online Workshop
We're pleased to announce a powerful online workshop the morning of February 24: Advancing Your Understanding to Further Identify & Mitigate UNCONSCIOUS BIAS. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Sandra Ogunremi, Manager of Spiritual Care Services, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Monument Health, Rapid City.


The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence is partnering with the Alliance for Innovation to host the first ever “Govapalooza,” a SXSW-type online event focused on helping improve local government.

The Movement for Tomorrow's Local Government, Today
March 1- 5, 2021
$199 for five days of amazing content when you use the code "BALDRIGE

Govapalooza is slated to be a historic virtual festival and is attracting participants from across North America, and around the world! This CELEBRATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT is sure to leave you supercharged with new ideas, insights, and real-world examples of the very best in the field.

We're VERY excited to announce that the virtual event will feature world-class thought leaders (including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak!), local government legends, and next-gen talent. Plus four session slots will feature different aspects of Baldrige-based performance excellence.

A truly historic event, Govapalooza will bring together thousands of elected officials, appointed leaders, department heads, local gov employees, academics, students, business executives, nonprofit partners, and committed individuals to engage in an incredible celebration of the very best in local government. You don’t want to miss this event!

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Principles of Excellence: Baldrige 101 --
February 2nd, 9th Online Workshop Series
These are unprecedented times--for organizations from ALL sectors. Organizations are feeling challenges like never before: financial and budgetary pressures, managing a virtual (and stressed) workforce, solving unique problems, shifting & innovating products and services, planning for an uncertain future, addressing racial inequities, and managing through accelerating change are but a few of the many challenges facing today’s leaders. But – with the complexity of organizations – where does one start? How do you know on which areas to focus? And how to do you sustain the improvement over time?

The Baldrige framework provides a systems perspective for continuous improvement and advancing performance excellence. The Baldrige “Criteria for Performance Excellence” — which is revised for 2021 — reflects the leading edge of validated management practice, against which any organization can measure itself to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities. This workshop will walk through the Baldrige Framework, will provide examples of tools and approaches that align with Baldrige, will “connect the dots” by showing how other improvement tools complement Baldrige, and will explore best practices from other organizations on the journey to excellence.

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New Lean Six Sigma Courses Start 2/22/21
10% discounts for members
We are happy to announce several new course dates for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Services and Black Belt Manufacturing courses, offered in collaboration with our partner The Lean Six Sigma Company!  
Enroll now to join our Virtual Classroom Green Belt or Black Belt courses! Virtual classroom learning not only complies with new safety standards, but also allows for more individual guidance, in-depth tutoring while saving the travel time and expense.  Learn more about options:

Green Belt: 6 Days $3,495

Interested in learning about how local governments are using the Wisconsin Forward Award process and application pathways?

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