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August 2022
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The month of August is named to honor the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar (63 BC – AD 14). He was grandnephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar. The month of Sextilis was renamed by Augustus himself because several of the most significant events in his rise to power, culminating in the fall of Alexandria, took place in that month.

Contrary to popular belief, he did not invent the salad… that was Joseph Saladino aka Joey Salads (just kidding).

Fun Fact: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) is a big fan of Augustus Caesar, which might explain his latest haircut.

Something to look forward to in August is the Perseid Meteor Shower, one of the brightest, numerous and longest lasting of all the meteor showers. This year, the peak of the Perseids will take place August 11-12, but might be adversely impacted by a full moon illuminating the sky.

International Left Hander's Day is observed annually on Aug 13. Less than 10% of the population is left handed, but very few are 100% left handed. For example, many Left Handers golf and bat right handed. They say everyone is born right handed, but only the greatest overcome it!
Our Annual Meeting and Election will be on Tuesday, August 16 at 7:30pm, IN PERSON at Spurlock Park, weather permitting. In case of rain, we will meet at Empower Computer Lab. We will hold elections for Officers (one-year term), and Class B Directors (two-year term). Early voting is taking place now, you can download a copy of the ballot by clicking here. Ballots will also be provided on election night.

Civic Club nominations took place at our July General Meeting. We would like to extend a special thanks to the Elections Board for organizing the new slate of candidates. The current list of candidates are as follows:

Idylwood Officer Nominations for 2022-2023
President: Diane Schenke (Fairfield)
Vice President: Keith McCarthy (Merry)
Treasurer: Nicole Wood (Idylwood)
Secretary: Monique Studak (Sylvan)

Class B Director Nominations (2-year terms ending Aug 2024):
Beth Barrette (Meadowlawn)
Amy Dinn (Sylvan)
Joshua Espinedo (Meadowlawn)
Jeff Klemm (Merry)
Paul Leggett (Merry)
Laura Manion (Meadowlawn)

A special Thank You to Dr. Lawrence Curry (retired professor emeritus of history at the U of H) for his many years of dedication as a Civic Club Board Member. We wish him all the best. Thank You also to Jennifer Silva for her service on the board and contributions to the neighborhood, a recipient of many Yard of the Month's!

If you would like to know what an officer position entails, you can reach out to that officer directly or check out the bylaws here.

Thanks to Patricia Hattenbach and Jim McCallum for their contributions to the Garden Club and Yard Of The Month sections of the newsletter. Please also check out their new feature on Idylwood's Pets of the Month, and consider submitting your furry friend for a feature!

If you would like to contribute an article to the newsletter on a one-time or recurring basis, please contact me at

Additionally, help us all stay connected. If you have a new neighbor, please encourage them to be added to the newsletter. They can send their email to or pass it along to one of our board members or officers.


Laura Manion
Idylwood Civic Club
General Meeting Updates
For our July General Meeting, METRO Public Affairs Representative Jeanette De Los Santos discussed the METRORapid University Corridor Project currently in the planning phase. The University Corridor begins at the Westchase Park & Ride near the intersection of the Westpark Tollway and the Sam Houston Tollway, and ends at Tidwell Transit Center, near the intersection of Tidwell Road and U.S. Highway 59. 

The proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line is part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan. Segment 4 of the proposed line would travel on Lockwood between I-45 and I-10. The line would operate in a dedicated, transit-only lane to move through traffic.

You can voice your comments and concerns about the project by participating in a METRO Survey HERE:

If you are interested in analyzing ridership trends on the existing METRORapid Silver line, or the light rail or other bus lines, METRO publishes those statistics on a monthly basis HERE:
Data is available from 2017, so you can look at pre-pandemic levels as well.

There was no update on a time frame or route selection for the Light Rail Green line extension to Hobby.

You can contact Jeanette with METRO directly at:
Office: 713.739.3807
Text: 713.826.9391
Idylwood Green
When it comes to the family budget every penny matters, so it’s important to save where one can. Here are tips from Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s office on how to save electricity in your home.

Save on your energy bill by turning up your A/C 1-2°. Every degree above 78 can save you up to 8% on your monthly energy bill. Set or program your A/C to 80° when you’re gone for more than 4 hours. Set the A/C to cool down after 7 p.m. Setting your A/C to a very low temperature does not make your house cool down faster. It just wastes energy.

A programmable or smart thermostat can automatically adjust cooling or heating temperatures for optimal performance and savings. A smart thermostat may be adjusted remotely.

The use of circulating fans make a room feel 4-6° cooler.

Keep out the sun and hot air by closing blinds or drapes on windows that get direct sunlight, and shade your outside A/C units or condensers.

Limit your use of the vent fans above your stove and in your bathroom. They pull in hot outside air, making your A/C work harder.

You can track power outage information with the CenterPoint Energy Outage Tracker.

Just as a reminder, please help with keeping the street drains and gutters free of debris during Hurricane Season.

See Something - Clean Something

East End Day Trip
It’s still hot out there and museums are always a nice respite from the oppressive heat. Even better when a prestigious public university museum is within cycling distance and is always free.

Founded in 1973, the Blaffer Art Museum is located on the central campus of the University of Houston. Since its inception, this vibrant, unique museum showcases exciting art that spans disciplines, from dance to painting to neurosciences—to date, the museum has presented over 250 exhibitions, most of which have special ties to Houston. There are 3 current exhibitions staged through September. 

Blaffer Art Museum is open to the public daily until 5pm (closed on Monday). Complimentary parking is always reserved for museum visitors directly across from the museum entrance in Lot 16B. The Blaffer is also a 12-minute walk from the METRO Elgin/Third Ward Purple Line station. 

Museum Hours
Tuesday through Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Closed Monday

4173 Elgin St.
Houston 77004
Summer Fun This Month
Catch the Houston Shakespeare Festival at Miller Outdoor Theater (produced by the U of H) August 1-6. Performances start at 8:15 pm each night. Tickets for covered seating are free and available to order online starting at 10am the day before each performance. No tickets are necessary for seating up on Hippie Hill. Just bring a blanket or a lawn chair, a picnic, and enjoy the show!

The Miller Summer Mixtape series will take place from August 24-26. This is a 3-day, multi-genre, independent music showcase featuring Houston’s top local acts presented by the Miller Outdoor Theatre and produced by Rukaz Kultura. Tickets are free.

For more info and scheduling, click on the MOT logo below:
Kicking off a home improvement project or hiring a contractor for a remodel? Download a copy of the deed restrictions here so you know the Dos and Don'ts before you make a potentially expensive mistake.
Idylwood Community Exchange is now
Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange
The former Idylwood Community Exchange is now being hosted on Google Groups as the Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange. To request an invitation for this group, please send a request to:

Please note that like its predecessor, this group is privately maintained by a resident, and not managed by the ICC Board.
Keep in Touch with your Civic Club
Pay 2021-2022 Dues
Deed Restrictions
Historic Idylwood
Idylwood Pet(s) of the Month
Our 'best' friends now get their turn in the spotlight! They bring us so much love, joy, exercise, human friendships, and truthfully, higher grocery bills!! So, here we go.....
Meet Dali !
Dali is a 10 year old Italian greyhound. He loves his mama, sleeping in under the covers in the morning, sunbathing during the day, his daily walks around Idylwood in the early evening, and table scraps at night.

He is especially talented at chasing squirrels and persistently staring you down when he wants something until you succumb to his desires. You may recognize his signature muted bark emanating from our patio as his asthma/allergies do not stop him. Next time you see him feel free to give him a neck rub - he will be your best friend after that! 

Submitted by Sonya Sofranko
Meet Kitty !
Kitty (or affectionately called “Kitty Witty”) is a black cat who Patrick rescued off of Lawndale in 2018 during a rainstorm when he was barely a few weeks old. Sonya and Patrick would take turns waking up throughout the night to bottle feed him.
Sonya who was convinced she would never own a cat quickly had a change of heart.

Kitty’s favorite thing is water - if you turn on the faucet to shower he’ll come racing towards the bathrooms or hang out with you during bath time sessions. His second favorite thing is hunting lizards and bringing them home to us. After almost being run over as a kitten and later having surgery for an abdominal obstruction, he has 7 lives left and we are always happy to hear him greet us with his signature double meow. 

Submitted by Sonya Sofranko
Neighbors: Submit your pet(s) to be featured in the upcoming newsletters by sending a 1-3 photos with a short story about your best friend(s) with the subject line: "Pet(s) of the month" to :
Friendly Reminder From The Pets
For the health and safety of all neighborhood pets and people,
please scoop our poop !
Garden Club News

Please watch for email updates for the September meeting from
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey Neighbors! Sing along!

I'm singing in the rain.....Just singing in the rain......What a glorious feelin'....
I'm happy again.....I'm laughing at clouds.....So dark up above....
The sun's in my heart.....And I'm ready for my yard and garden to live again!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Herman Park Conservancy

Our August topic is Bullies on the Prairie:
The Scourge of Invasive Plants in Texas will be presented
at 6:00 p.m. in the Family Garden in McGovern Centennial Gardens.

The Garden & Nature Series, on August 24, is open for registration
and we are telling our members, first! Click on the link below for information:

Scott Clark, from the University of Houston Crawford Lab, will lead a discussion of the origin and spread of invasive plants in the state, their impact on native communities and prospects for native restoration. Get ready to explore and investigate some plant samples Scott will have on hand!
Scott Clark is a graduate researcher in the Crawford Plant Community Ecology Lab at the University of Houston. His research focuses on the response of native plant, herbivore and soil microbial communities to invasive plants. Prior to his work in ecology, he was a journalist and lawyer.

Hermann Park Conservancy’s Garden & Nature Series offers classes in the Park’s McGovern Centennial Gardens that focus on a variety of subjects all related to garden and nature and the benefits associated with being outdoors. Learn about topics that range from canning your own vegetables and preserving your garden in the winter to sketching a bowl of fruit and photographing the creepers and crawlers in your garden beds. Designed to be fun, hands-on, and informative, these classes are great for novices and experts alike.

Garden & Nature Series classes at Hermann Park Conservancy are completely FREE and open to all ages. This class is free to attend, but registration is required.

Our August topic i
Houston Botanic Gardens
Upcoming August Events

Mailing Address: 8205 N. Bayou Drive Houston, TX 77017
Ticket Window: 713.715.9675 ext. 100 Call to verify details for each class.


Flower Power - Summer BotaniCamp

Mon.-Fri.,August 1-5 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (drop off from 8-9 a.m.)
$225/child per week (Garden members save $25 per child per week)

Flowers surround us. Some are big; some tiny. All are colorful and so pretty. Some you can eat; some smell so good. During Flower Power, campers will learn the lifecycle of flowers and their many partnerships, from roots to pollinators. 

Sunset Sweat - Exclusive Strength & Cardio Experience

Mondays, August 1-22, 2022 7:00 — 8:00 pm $20/class

Enjoy exclusive after-hours access to the Garden while engaging in a Tabata-style strength & cardio class that will train your muscles and your heart during the six-week Sunset Sweat series.

Each Monday evening from July 18-August 22, Bianca Davis, owner of East Meets West Training, will help attendees at all fitness levels get into better shape. As a bonus, warm up and cool down will incorporate a tour of the Garden.

Participants need to bring their own mat and a refillable water bottle.
Non-members can drop-in at a per-class fee of $20. Members receive a $10 discount. Or, the best deal for your wallet and your health is to sign up for all six sessions at once to receive one week free (total cost of $100 for non-members, $50 for members).


Explore, Experiment & Express
Elements of Art in the Garden

Fridays, August 5, 12, 19, 26, 2022 6:30 — 8:00 pm $20 each class

Mindfully making art in the Garden is a great way to commune with nature, practice gratitude, and relieve stress. Brooke Summers-Perry will introduce participants to the elements of art and techniques with watercolor, colored pencil, and oil pastels, so they can transition into the weekend with play and community. She will gently guide them to let go of the need for perfection and production so that the Garden’s beauty and nourishment takes center stage as the most merciful muse.

Non-member fee of $20 includes general admission to the Garden. Members can participate at no charge.


Farms & Fields Summer BotaniCamp

Mon.-Fri.- August 8-12, 2022 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (drop-off from 8-9 a.m.)
$225/child per week (Garden members save $25 per child per week)

There are so many reasons to love and be grateful for farmers. They grow the food we eat, among many other useful plants. They can also teach us so much about gardening. During Farms & Fields, campers will learn about gardening, farming, and soil health. 

BotaniCamp is the Garden’s plant-centric nature camp for K-5 students. The sensory and inquiry-driven curriculum will present many opportunities to go beyond just observation. BotaniCamp-ers connect with plants through thoughtful and diverse lessons and hands-on activities – planting, growing, and interacting with natural environments – while working with scientists and subject matter experts.

Simple Meal for Back-to-School
Cook the Garden with Chef Keisha

Thursday, August 11, 2022 6:00 — 8:00 pm
Non-member fee of $58 for workshop includes general admission to the Garden, and tasting of finished meal and wine. Members receive a $10 discount.

Chef Keisha Griggs – who uses her expertise and flexibility to introduce new flavors to everyone who experiences her food – will guide participants through hands-on creation of a simple, everyday meal, perfect for getting through the craziness of back-to-school season, incorporating fresh produce from local farms, as well as the Houston Botanic Garden’s Culinary Garden. She will also share a wine pairing that works with the delicious dishes.

Hailing from the Caribbean, Chef Griggs realized her love for cooking at an early age. Within her Trinidadian family, good food always came with a great memory. After 13 years as an interactive marketing executive, Chef Griggs followed her passion and lifelong love of cooking to pursue a career in the culinary industry. After graduating from the Art Institute's most-honored culinary program, she has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Houston's most prestigious chefs and celebrated kitchens, crafting techniques in classical French, Asian, vegetarian, vegan, New American, and fine dining cuisines.
Space is limited to first 20 registrants.


Purple Martins Are Party Animals!!

Houston Chronicle Nature Correspondent, Gary Clark, explains why we should join these party animals!! "Huge numbers of purple martins are arriving in town after a busy season raising a new generation of martins on breeding grounds throughout eastern North America.... But why do thousands of purple martins roost in trees at shopping centers, bridges and powerlines before the final trip to South America?"
Click on the following link to read more about their journey and where you can go to see them up close and personal by the thousands! Kethy Adams Clark has some great photos to give you an idea of what these martns are up to! And do keep your eyes open for some purple martins staying here in Idylwood at a few of our neighbors' personal martin houses! Click the link below:

Can you tell an earthworm from an invasive jumping worm? Here's how to tell the difference!!

OMG! Wait... What??? It's an invasion of jumping worms?!?! Say it isn't so!
Houston Chronicle nature correspondent, Brandi Keller has some breaking news for us about the worms in our soil.

The well-known European earthworms, Lumbricus terrestris and L. rubellus, are greatly beneficial to our soil. They appear slimy and wiggle floppily in hand or undulate to move on the earth. But the Asian jumping worms, Amynthas spp., also go by Asian worm, snake worm, crazy worm, or Alabama jumper. They are not helpful to our soil! To see photos and to find out more details about how these little worms make a big difference, for better or worse, in our gardens,click the link below.


A Reminder To Homeowners
That Received New Sidewalks And Curbs:
Please Water The New Grass

Along with the new sidewalks and curbs, the installations included new St. Augustine sod to replace the grass that was removed during construction. It is really being stressed along with your current grass. Please include that area in your watering schedule.The Garden Club has been watering the new grass at the corner of Idylwood and Park by the Spurlock Park sign. Hopefully, we will get weekly summer showers and your new sod will do just fine!


Garden Club Meeting Dates for 2022-2023
First Saturdays from 10 am-noon
(except for September;
Speakers and locations TBD)
September 10,2022
October 1, 2022
Begin Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser:Oct.1-24; only $10 each
November 5, 2022
December 3, 2022
Annual Holiday Lunch and Fun Gift Exchange ($15 or less)
January 7, 2023
February 4, 2023
March 4, 2023
April 1, 2023
Election of Officers
May 6, 2023
June, July, August: summer break

For more information, contact the Garden Club President:
Patricia Hattenbach, at or at 713-724-9608. 


Vegetable Garden Planting Dates Chart

Do you want to know exactly when to plant vegetables and herbs in your garden? Check out the web link to Texas A&M University's yearly planting calendar for Harris County below! You may want to print this out for future use. Select:
“Vegetable Garden Planting Dates for Harris County"

Happy gardening!
Remember: COH Tree Trash Gets Turned Into Mulch
When Picked Up on The First Tuesdays of Odd # Months!
Keep in mind that trimmings from trees, shrubs and bushes can be placed on your curb for the city's Tree Trash pick-up on the first Tuesday of odd months.

Thanks for your membership and love of nature! 
Let's keep Idylwood beautiful and safe!
Kind regards,
Patricia Hattenbach

Welcome the 2022-2023 Officers:
President: Patricia Hattenbach
Vice President: Hugo Banda
Secretary: Richard Vela
Treasurer: Nicole Wood

Thanks again to Jim McCallum for providing the Yard of the Month write-ups and photos. It's wonderful to learn more about our great neighbors!
August 2022 Yard of the Month
The Idylwood Garden Club’s Yard of the Month for August 2022 goes to Ben and Saba Blanding at 6608 Rockbridge Lane.
Before moving to Idylwood, Saba lived in Friendswood and Ben lived in Clear Lake.
What attracted you to Idylwood? They love the classic older homes in the Idylwood subdivision. When asked what they like best about their home and the neighborhood, Saba says “Everything!” She says that they think “Idylwood is the perfect neighborhood, and we really felt our love for it grow during the pandemic. It is the perfect place, and we are both very fond of walks in the neighborhood.”

Saba is the (aspiring) gardener in the family and has attended classes at the Houston Museum of Natural Science taught by Urban Harvest. Daughter Leila, 10, became very interested in gardening while at school where her teacher has a demonstration garden on campus. Leila is most interested in herbs, vegetables, and flowers and the family plans on putting in garden beds for her in the fall.

Saba hired Alison West, a well-known Houston plant and landscape consultant with Cleveland's Flower and Garden to design all the front yard and to help finish their extensive backyard. Alison added many native and native-tolerant plants. Saba says the Ligularia “are always complemented and one of my surprise favorites.” 

The couple lost their three large Post Oak trees which succumbed to age. But they have been pleased to see how the Texas Sage Bush and the Vitex have grown up to provide some natural privacy. They also planted an orchard row along their fence line with trees procured at the annual Urban Harvest fruit tree sale. While they lost their citrus trees in the freeze, their Plum and Peach trees, and Blackberry bushes have done “wonderfully.” They are hoping to replace the lost citrus trees with more Peach and Plum this next January. 

During a recent fence replacement along Wayside, the original ornamental vines have been replaced by Star Jasmine which has added a lovely fragrance.

The Variegated Privet in the front bed on the side yard has grown up beautifully and hasn’t appeared to have been impacted at all by the subsequent freeze and current drought. Loropetalum on the side of the house has grown quite large and has been allowed to grow organically rather than being trimmed into a formal bush. Purple Fountain Grasses line the driveway and become animated with just the slightest breeze. Two Japanese Yews stand guard on either side of the front porch.

Saba told us that “one of the most amazing things in our yard is a Fig tree that started no more than a few inches tall. It produces yellow figs, which are a little mild for our tastes but the squirrels and birds love.”

We also noticed that the local bee population seems to really appreciate the Vitex as well!

In 2018 the couple commissioned Alison West a second time to design and install landscaping in the front yard, and over the last four years, they have concentrated work on building out the backyard beds. And this year even asked Alison to come and help them finish out the “daunting project” as with their double lot “even modest sized beds trimming our perimeter are a lot of space to conquer!”

click link above for for access to the website

August Gardening Tips

Hummingbirds are here!! Migrating hummingbirds can be found at your feeders and natural nectar sources. Keeping feeders clean, filled and in a shady area will encourage visitors. Check out our ‘Hummingbird Book’ in the Bungalow for useful information and identification.

Recipe for Nectar: • Bring 4 cups of water to a boil, add 1 cup of granulated sugar, stir until dissolved. • Allow to cool, fill feeders. Keep excess sealed in refrigerator.

Natural nectar sources for hummingbirds include turk’s cap, hamelia, shrimp plant, firespike, salvia, lobelia (cardinal flower), Pride of Barbados, anisacanthus, and cigar plants. These are all hummer magnets.

Plant transplants for tomatoes and peppers now. Keep young plants protected from intense midday heat by placing cages over plants and clothes pinning newspaper or cardboard at the second rung level. This temporary shade device can be removed once plants reach height of the cardboard; they are established.

Seeds to plant now include cucumbers, calendula, snapdragon and alyssum. Plan for the fall vegetable garden and choose seeds for planting next month. Shop for Botanical Interests seeds in the racks at the outside checkout.

Fertilizing & Mulching
Mulch, mulch, mulch. Mulching keeps plant roots cooler and weed seeds at bay. Apply 3” deep around trees and shrubs. The Ground Up Native Hardwood Mulch is our favorite.  Add compost around annuals, herbs, and vegetables. Remember: never pile mulch against the base of a plant.

For preparing fall gardens, top dress with 2-4” of organic matter: compost like Happy Frog Soil Conditioner and Nature’s Way Leaf Mold Compost are great choices.  A layer of pine straw will keep weeds at bay until seeds or transplants have been placed.

Feed the soil. Medina Plus and MicroLife Humates Plus actually feed the micro-organisms in the soil which improves soil quality and reduces compaction, in turn increase water holding capabilities. Healthy plants start with healthy soil.

Use seaweed spray such as Microlife Seaweed to boost the immune system of plants. A healthy plant is more resistant to insect infestations and fungal problems. A spray-down every two weeks that covers the entire surface of all leaves will do the job.

Continue slow, deep watering to encourage proper root growth and prevent runoff. Watering longer and less often encourages deep root growth and healthier plants. Soaker hoses or a regular hose turned on to a slow drip are good ways to do this.

Keep an eye on lawns to spot problems early and treat accordingly. Insects such as chinch bugs (treat with EcoSmart granules or diatomaceous earth) and fungi such as grey leaf spot (treat with MicroGro Granule) are two things to watch out for. All of these organic products can be found in our plant care shed.

Keep eyes out for your neighbors!
If going out of town, tell your neighbors but do not post on social media. Please keep an eye out for unusual activity and report to HPD (911) and (713) 884-3131 and the Constable's office (713) 274-3400. Please keep your home and cars locked at all times. Report any incidents to ALL authorities;
more reports = more patrols.

HPD is moving to a National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). To view crimes reported to HPD from Jan-Mar 2022, please go to HPD's website and download the excel file here and sort by zip code or beat. Our beat is 11H10, which includes several zip codes.

A screenshot of last month's crime map is below. To interact with this map, including date ranges and area, go to Community Crime Map.
Jake Goldstein and Steve Palmer co-chair our patrol group and report the group’s collective 30 patrol hours per month to HPD. Please contact Jake if you are interested in volunteering with our citizens patrol group.

Having a patrol presence in the neighborhood is a crime deterrent and a great way to give back to our community.

Please join us! More information on HPD's Volunteer Citizen Patrol is available here.
Upcoming Dates to Remember
  • 08/02/2022: Heavy Trash
  • 08/08/2022: Recycling
  • 08/16/2022: Idylwood Civic Club Meeting: 7:30pm @ Empower Computer Lab located on the 2nd floor of the Martinez Courthouse Annex, 1001 S Sgt Macario Garcia Drive, Houston, 77011
  • 08/22/2022: Recycling
  • 09/05/2022: Labor Day
  • 09/06/2022: Tree Limbs & Yard Waste
Stay Informed!
Check out info about the neighborhood, including downloading a copy of the deed restrictions here.

Report a pothole, get your trash bin repaired or replaced, report a problem with a traffic signal, missed trash pickup, and more.

Call the East End District at 713.928.9916 during business hours with the tagged address, intersection, and colors.

Stay Connected!
Great way to connect with East End residents. It’s a great place to report or look for a missing pet, announce a garage sales, put out a crime alert, etc. This site is endorsed and its use encouraged by HPD. Sign up here


Google Email Group - Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange
If you are not currently a member and would like to join, please send an invitation request to
Post Office Box 9225
Houston, TX 77261-9225
If you have notes about Idylwood that you would like to submit for the newsletter, please submit to
Idylwood Officers and Directors 2021-2022
PRESIDENT: Laura Manion (Meadowlawn)
VICE PRESIDENT: Doug Lawson (Merry)
TREASURER: Nicole Wood (Idylwood)
SECRETARY: Kimberly Vincent (Park)
Directors: Class A (two-year terms ending in August 2023):
Keith Hamm (Meadowlawn); Patricia Hattenbach (North MacGregor Way);
Irma Niño (Meadowlawn); Charlie Storer (Fairfield); Richard Vela (Lindy)
Directors: Class B (two-year terms ending in August 2022):
Lawrence Curry (Meadowlawn); Amy Dinn (Sylvan); Joshua Espinedo (Meadowlawn);
Jeff Klemm (Merry); Paul Leggett (Merry); Jennifer Silva (Sylvan)