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December 2022
A publication of Idylwood Civic Club

There is no Civic Club meeting scheduled for December.

Join us instead for our annual Idylwood Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 6th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm hosted by Patricia Hattenbach & Jim McCallum, 1404 N. MacGregor Way. Bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage to share with your neighbors. RSVP not required. The party will be outdoors, so dress for the weather.

Our free trees and shrubs from Trees For Houston will be planted on January 14, 2023. People who placed orders will be contacted with more details.

The next Civic Club meeting will be Tuesday, January 17th, 7:30pm at the Magnolia Multi-Service Center (7037 Capitol St.) when we'll receive an update from TxDOT on the Wayside Resurfacing project. I welcome any ideas you might have for speakers at future meetings. Send me a note at


Diane Schenke
Idylwood Civic Club
East End Day Trip - Holiday Edition
Interested in some holiday fun in the East End? Look no further! Here are some great ways to spend a day out in December.

Cistern Illuminated in the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern thru Jan 8th. This new installation features soft warm lights directed at the Cistern’s 221 columns. Variations in tone evoke an atmosphere of flickering candlelight.
TXRX Labs - Family Days Holiday Workshop on Dec 9th & 10th
Tour the lab areas and learn to laser cut your own holiday ornament.
'Folly' by Mexico-based artist Jorge Pardo is now on view in Wilhelmina's Grove in the UH Arts District.

Inspired by a garden folly — a decorative structure meant for delight rather than function — 'Folly' blurs the lines between art, architecture and design. From the outside, the work appears to be a simple building; once inside, visitors are immersed in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, eclectic patterns and a variety of materials and scales.
Internationally acclaimed Lightscape at the Houston Botanic Garden is a holiday lights and music event like no other, featuring a winding path through the Garden lined with stunning immersive installations.
Visit the Ghost Hunter Totem hidden in plain sight on N. MacGregor.
Spirit of Giving Locally
East End Social Services was started in 1982 by Sister Alice Louise Potts and Suzanne Garcia as a modest Thrift Store and Social Service Agency. Subsequently, they became a partner with the Houston Food Bank which enabled them to provide food and essentials to those living in need. The agency’s goal is to support individuals on their journey to becoming self-sufficient in an employment supportive environment. The agency serves the working poor, unemployed, seniors, unhoused and the disabled on a weekly basis.

You can drop off food and toiletry donations at their House Of Hope Food Pantry located on the corner of Avenue U and Wayside Drive (heading south). Call ahead to find out about extended hours during the holidays. 

Let’s continue this season of caring by contributing to a good cause close to home.

Mon - Wed: 8am - 11am (by appt.)
Thu - Sun: Closed

East End Social Services
6801 Avenue U
Houston 77011
(713) 928-3823
Idylwood Green
Christmas Trees may be placed curbside on Tree Waste day (Jan 6th) to be recycled. The trees must have all decorations, ornaments, tinsel, lights and stands removed. Flocked trees cannot be recycled. Artificial trees should be disposed during Heavy Trash.

Trees can be recycled at Neighborhood Depositories (closest is at 2240 Central St.) or at any Living Earth facility.
Tanglers, including holiday lights and power cords, cannot be recycled in your home recycling cart and will cause problems and shutdowns at the local recycling facility. These cords can tangle in the rotating machinery at the recycling plant, which could break the equipment, not to mention endanger the people working.

Where to Recycle Christmas Lights
For proper disposal and recycling of holiday lights check with local retailers like Home Depot or Lowes for take-back recycling programs. Other locations accepting holiday lights are Houston Recycling Centers and the Houston Zoo. Strands of holiday lights can be recycled with scrap metal, even with bulbs attached. Scrap metal companies may offer a rebate for your used holiday lights.
As a reminder, Section 4.5 of the Deed Restrictions allow signs promoting political candidates 90 days prior to the applicable election. Now that the midterms are over, political signs should no longer be displayed.

Download a copy of the deed restrictions here
Idylwood Community Exchange is now
Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange
The former Idylwood Community Exchange is now being hosted on Google Groups as the Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange. To request an invitation for this group, please send a request to:

Please note that like its predecessor, this group is privately maintained by a resident, and not managed by the ICC Board.
Keep in Touch with your Civic Club
Pay 2021-2022 Dues
Deed Restrictions
Idylwood Pet of the Month
Our best friends now get their turn in the spotlight! They bring us so much love, joy, exercise, human friendships, and truthfully, higher grocery bills!! So, here we go.....
Neighbors: Submit your pet(s) to be featured in upcoming newsletters by sending 1-3 photos with a short story about your best friend(s) with the subject line "Pet(s) of the Month" to:
Friendly Reminder From The Pets
For the health and safety of all neighborhood pets and people,
please scoop our poop!
Garden Club News
Please watch for email updates for the December meeting from
Garden Club Upcoming Meeting Dates
First Saturdays from 10 am-noon
New members are welcome to join us!!

December 3, 2022: Host: Patricia Hattenbach - 1404 N MacGregor Way. Annual Holiday Lunch and Fun Gift Exchange ($15 or less)
(Serving yummy fried chicken along with the members' assortment of pot luck dishes and desserts!)

January 7, 2023: Host: Robin Raasch - 6655 Rockbridge Lane
Speaker: Catherine O'Brien - All About Herbs
February 4, 2023: Host: Joshua Espinedo/Nathan Reedy - 6670 Meadowlawn
Speaker: Dany Millikin - Houston Botanic Gardens
March 4, 2023: Host: Sally Lehr - 1704 Idylwood
Speaker: Dr. Liliana R. Cracraft - Use of Medicinal Herbs in Prehispanic and Traditional Mexican Medicine
April 1, 2023: Field trip to the Eastern Glades in Memorial Park; carpool;
Lunch at the Black Walnut
* Election of Officers
May 6, 2023: Host: Diane Schenke - 6715 Fairfield
Speaker: TBD
June, July, August: summer break

For more information, contact the Garden Club President:
Patricia Hattenbach at or at 713-724-9608
Annual Poinsettia Sale A Super Success !!!

Many thanks go out to our members who helped contribute to our annual fundraiser and to all that placed orders for the beautiful poinsettias. Their efforts of reaching out to neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, and others have helped us to surpass the goal of 240. We sold 314!!!

The proceeds will go towards refurbishing the stone planters at the end of each block along S. Wayside and the flowerbeds at Spurlock Park. This event also allows the Garden Club to invite Master Gardeners to speak at our monthly meetings and provide us with expert advise on a variety of topics such as: soil preparation, native plants, vegetable and herb gardening, best pruning practices, birds, bees, insects- their benefits and habitats, tropical plants, ferns, orchids, lawn maintenance, mulching, flowering plants and vines, and so many more topics!

May your poinsettias add beauty to your home and brighten your holiday spirits throughout this season!

Thanks for your support!
Idylwood Garden Club
Autumn Signals Tree Planting Time In Houston

As our Idylwood trees age, succumb to disease and storm damage, and grow too close to our homes and power lines, we sadly see these marvelous companions disappear. Now is a good time to start researching the best trees for your yard to properly fit your needs, desires, and space.

The Houston Area Urban Forestry Council has a fabulous planting guide for trees in the Houston area. This guide is packed with all the basic info you need when considering planting new trees. Some of the topics include:
why plant, what to plant, where to plant, selecting your tree, extensive charts for types of small and large trees for the Houston area, pruning, energy conservation, wildlife habitat, improved air quality, and more!

Click on the link below for this very helpful guide:
Houston Botanic Gardens

Yuletide Brunch & Brass
ROCO Connections Performance
Friday, December 2, 2022 - 9:45 am — 12:00 pm - $75

Sip, Sup, Stroll
Beer & Bites in the Garden
Saturday, December 3, 2022 - 2:00pm -4:00 pm - $50

Houston Plant Market
Holiday Shopping at the Garden
Saturday, December 10, 2022 - 10:00 am — 3:00 pm
Free with General Admission

Visit these areas throughout the Botanic Garden:
The Island

Natural Ecosystems
South Gardens ~~ Community Garden

Ticket Window: 713.715.9675 ext. 100 Call to verify details for each event.
Vegetable Garden Planting Dates Chart
Do you want to know exactly when to plant vegetables and herbs in your garden? Click here for Texas A&M University's yearly planting calendar for Harris County. You may want to print this out for future reference.
Happy gardening!
Remember: COH Tree Trash Gets Turned Into Mulch
When Picked Up on The First Tuesdays of Odd # Months
Keep in mind that trimmings from trees, shrubs and bushes can be placed on your curb for the city's Tree Trash pick-up on the first Tuesday of odd months.
Thanks for your membership and love of nature! 
Let's keep Idylwood beautiful and safe!
Kind regards,
Patricia Hattenbach

Welcome the 2022-2023 Officers:
President: Patricia Hattenbach
Vice President: Hugo Banda
Secretary: Richard Vela
Treasurer: Nicole Wood

Thanks again to Jim McCallum for providing the Yard of the Month write-ups and photos. It's wonderful to learn more about our great neighbors!
Yard of the Month
The Idylwood Garden Club’s Yard of the Month for December goes to Paz and Miriam Muguerza at 6616 Rockbridge Lane.

Paz and Miriam bought their home in January of 2008. They both had lived on the East Side previously and are both East Enders from childhood. Paz grew up on Canal St. and Miriam was raised in Pecan Park. 

Paz remembers playing sports in Spurlock Park as a youth and has since then always wanted to live in the neighborhood. He also attended Queen of Peace School.

Besides enjoying Idylwood’s central location within the City, the couple also likes their double lot and the neighborhood’s historic atmosphere. Being close to their parents is also a big plus. They added a backyard pool three years ago.
Paz is the gardener in the family.  He remembers a big garden his dad maintained while Paz was growing up. Miriam says “our plants are pretty much native, and we just have fun planting. It’s still a learning process for us and we enjoy it.” t
Plantings in the yard include Fan Palms, Sego Palms, Foxtail Ferns, Boxwoods, Crepe Myrtles, Climbing Jasmine, and Knockout Roses. The backyard has Hibiscus and Bird of Paradise in pots.

Paz has also added pebble boarders along the front sidewalk, around the large Oak tree in front, and along the perimeter of the house.
click link above for access to their website

December Gardening Tips

Garden Health
Deadhead and feed cool-season color and vegetables with an organic slow-release fertilizer such as Microlife Flower and Vegetable or Happy Frog Fruit and Flower. Continue to plant cool weather color: pansies, snapdragons, and cyclamen. Lettuces, arugula and mustard greens can also still be started from seed.

Bring in containerized tropicals: Plumerias, crotons, dracaenas, etc. Check undersides of leaves and new growth for insects and treat accordingly.

Mow fallen leaves with a mulching mower. When the lawn can’t take more leaves, add to flower beds. When beds are full of mulched leaves, add them to the compost bin.

Don’t forget to keep seed feeders full and fresh water in birdbaths. Put out suet cakes — the extra protein helps keep our feathered friends warm in the winter months.

Have frost cloth on hand to cover tender plants in case of freezing weather. Wrap plants completely down to ground level. The fewer drafts that move under the frost cloth, the better.

Work compost into the top couple inches of your garden beds. Use cover crops such as peas, oats, or rye to keep the soil active. These cover crops can be cut and worked into the soil before spring planting.

Maintain watering on newly planted seeds and transplants. Continue to deep water trees and shrubs. A well-hydrated plant holds up to frosts and freezes better than a drought-stressed plant.

Keep eyes out for your neighbors!
If going out of town, tell your neighbors but do not post on social media. Please keep an eye out for unusual activity and report to HPD (911) and (713) 884-3131 and the Constable's office (713) 274-3400. Please keep your home and cars locked at all times. Report any incidents to ALL authorities;
more reports = more patrols.

HPD is moving to a National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). To view crimes reported to HPD from Jan-Mar 2022, please go to HPD's website and download the excel file here and sort by zip code or beat. Our beat is 11H10, which includes several zip codes.

A screenshot of last month's crime map is below. To interact with this map, including date ranges and area, go to Community Crime Map.
Jake Goldstein and Steve Palmer co-chair our patrol group and report the group’s collective 30 patrol hours per month to HPD. Please contact Jake if you are interested in volunteering with our citizens patrol group.

Having a patrol presence in the neighborhood is a crime deterrent and a great way to give back to our community.

Please join us! More information on HPD's Volunteer Citizen Patrol is available here.
Upcoming Dates to Remember
  • 12/06/2022: Heavy Trash
  • 12/06/2022: Idylwood Annual Holiday Party
  • 12/12/2022: Recycling
  • 12/27/2022: Recycling (26th is a Govt. holiday)
  • 01/03/2023: Tree Limbs & Yard Waste - Recycle your Christmas Tree
Stay Informed!
Check out info about the neighborhood, including downloading a copy of the deed restrictions here.

Report a pothole, get your trash bin repaired or replaced, report a problem with a traffic signal, missed trash pickup, and more.

Call the East End District at 713.928.9916 during business hours with the tagged address, intersection, and colors.
Stay Connected!
Great way to connect with East End residents. It’s a great place to report or look for a missing pet, announce a garage sales, put out a crime alert, etc. This site is endorsed and its use encouraged by HPD. Sign up here


Google Email Group - Idylwood Neighborhood Exchange
If you are not currently a member and would like to join, please send an invitation request to
If you have something you would like to see published in the Newsletter, drop us a line. Comments or concerns?
Let us know how we're doing.
Idylwood Officers and Directors 2022-2023
PRESIDENT: Diane Schenke (Fairfield)
VICE PRESIDENT: Keith McCarthy (Merry)
TREASURER: Nicole Wood (Idylwood)
SECRETARY: Monique Studak (Sylvan)
Directors: Class A (two-year terms ending in August 2023):
Keith Hamm (Meadowlawn); Patricia Hattenbach (North MacGregor Way);
Irma Niño (Meadowlawn); Charlie Storer (Fairfield); Richard Vela (Lindy)
Directors: Class B (two-year terms ending in August 2024):
Beth Barrette (Meadowlawn); Amy Dinn (Sylvan); Joshua Espinedo (Meadowlawn);
Jeff Klemm (Merry); Paul Leggett (Merry); Laura Manion (Meadowlawn)
Post Office Box 9225
Houston, TX 77261-9225