If There Were Water
Now available on digital streaming
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The recording (our 14th!) features new works by  Gregory W. Brown 
and Stratis Minakakis  premiered at The Month of Moderns 2017, 
and  is our first release since winning this year's 
Grammy Award for Best Choral Performance.

Physical copies of this album are also available at 

"The vocal melodies at times conjure a calm pool as in the moon reflecting over
'nothing but a body of unbroken water', and yet there are other times
where it sounds as if water is rushing down rocky terrain towards the sea...
Caryn Havlik for  New Sounds (WNYC)
Our album art comes from photographs 
taken by  composer Gregory W. Brown, 
shot on a vintage camera at the Quabbin Reservoir:

"The photos were taken with a Argoflex 75, probably made in the 1950s. I bought the camera off of Craigslist for $25. It's an odd little camera, almost a toy, really. There is one shutter speed (≈1/60s), one aperture (f/11), and no focusing capabilities. Everything 8 feet or farther away is (sort of) in focus. These photos were some of the first shots I took with this particular camera and were mostly just a test to see if it even worked. I didn't bring a tripod with me, so almost every photo suffers from significant (and unanticipated) camera shake. I took the photos from one of my favorite spots in Quabbin, not far from my house. Walking in at Gate 5 brings you down an old road which dead ends into the reservoir. You can see the water through the arched canopy of trees from about a quarter mile up the road. When you reach the water side, the view opens up to the entire western side of Quabbin, all the way down to the dam to the south. The views pictured in the photographs are out over what was once the town of Enfield." -- Gregory W. Brown

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