March 22, 2018 
6th of Nisan, 5778

The Wexner Foundation
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Wexner Leads

Maverick City-making and Philanthropy
WSL Network Member Hila Oren heads the Tel Aviv-Yafo Foundation which continues to imagine and build a world-class city, aiming to enhance the dreams and daily lives of visitors and all its  residents.

Take-Aways and Other Impressions from Harvard
Wexner Senior Leaders share highlights from their month-long executive level courses at HKS where they also learned from the Wexner and Jewish communities beyond.
Chametz on our Minds? Try Diplomacy Through Deli
WHP Alum Warren Rosenfeld (Washington DC 03) thought he had retired, but a knish-dessert compelled him to bring Jewish Delis, and even a food truck, to areas of the Maryland and Delaware Shore where few Jews had ever been served. 

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