June 2021
If We Want Our Children to Follow Their Dreams, We Should Follow Our Dreams!
My son graduated from 8th grade on June 8th. At the commencement ceremony, the speakers used inspiring words like Dream Big! Live a Bold Life! Be Courageous! Be Persistent and Tenacious! Follow Your Bliss! Remember that God is always with you. Always strive to do your best and pursue excellence! Show kindness to others. Be a giver and never give up.

As I listened to the inspiring speakers, I thought to myself that this advice is really for every single person in this room not just these graduates. I wondered how many parents, family and friends of the graduates were living out those words, how many were following their bliss? How many still believed in their own dreams and were waking up each day with focus and determination to live those dreams?
Life can get hard when we have responsibilities and when things do not turn out as we hoped or planned, but how hard life is really depends on what we do with what happens not what happens. We are the creators of our own reality. This is why it is vital to never stop dreaming! The day we stop dreaming, we stop growing. The day we stop growing into who we were born to be is the day we become negative, cynical and pessimistic. But, even if life gets us there, all that is required to turn it all around is a new dream! Walt Disney said, “Our imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” Every day, we have the power to change our life simply by changing our thoughts and believing in our dreams.

I was so proud of my son as he stepped forward to receive a scholar athlete award, but I am even more proud of my son for the size and clarity of his dreams and how he exudes happiness and confidence.

If we all pursued those virtues bestowed on us at graduation ceremonies, we would all be living our dreams. We would be the best version of ourselves living inspired, joyful lives. If our children do as we do not as we say, should we not then feel compelled to be their role models living our own dreams?


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God bless you!
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Congratulations to my May candidates who said YES! to their business ownership dreams! Keep dreaming bold dreams and never give up! And do not forget, The Daly Coach is here if you need me. God bless you!!
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Coach Kim for the Win!
My husband and I are so grateful we were introduced to Kim! A few of our friends worked with her to find their franchise businesses and we heard amazing things. Once we started working with her, we understood! From the very beginning, she was so helpful and encouraging. She was able to help us articulate what are goals were and what was most important to us in owning a business. I remember feeling so empowered and motivated after our first call with her. I knew she was going to find a great match for us! And that she did:) It only took us 2 months to find “the one” and that is all because of Kim! We would never been able to find such an amazing franchise opportunity (that quickly!) on our own. She is absolutely the best and I highly recommend you start your conversation with her now! You won’t be disappointed:)
Kourtney - Mechanicsburg, PA
May 2021
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