On three different days in June, we announced and offered 10-minute socially-distanced photography appointments at Yoga for Life. Those who attended chose a favorite yoga pose to do ... with the lovely Surya Studio wall as background.

Since we were unable to gather together, the point instead was to capture and compile your images. We hoped that the composite would reflect our beloved community at this unique moment in time. The participation of teachers, students and friends in this event also served to celebrate and commemorate the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic impact of the beautiful FreeMoreWest studio on all of our lives before its closing. Many thanks both to those who participated and also to those who wanted, but were unable, to join us.

My husband, Chris, served as the talented, organized, enthusiastic and patient photographer for the 3-day event. Our son, Aidan, was also present and welcomed participants to most of the sessions. He also produced the final photographic montage. The love and support of these fine men in every chapter of my service to the Yoga for Life community were foundational to the blessings offered to and received by all of us within those walls. My gratitude to them is boundless.

Without further fanfare, I am delighted to present the fruits of our collective labors. The linked video is just under 9 minutes long. So grab a cup of tea and plop down in a comfy chair. Watch at a time when you won't feel rushed. The homecoming experience will be worth every minute!

Hope to see you soon!



ps - Some of you received a similar email earlier this week. I apologize for the overlap, but want to be sure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to view the beautiful images and the accompanying messages of love and community!