What do you do when someone lets you down?

Hey, stuff happens and people (associate, employee, supplier, customer, family or friend) can fail to deliver. When they miss a deadline, it's not always their fault. Could be their associate let them down, illness, or just mother nature/the universe messing with you. But did you get a call or email saying there was a problem?

Is it consistent, do they let you down over and over again? Is it something different each time? Maybe they don't care about you or are they driving you away consciously or subconciously? 

In any case you need to find out. In my experience 'If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck...it's likely a duck.' Yes there are exceptions. Not often though.

Assuming it's a duck, you have two clear choices. 


1. Do nothing, get upset, let them keep disappointing you until you blow up or worse blow up a relationship with them or an innocent third party.

2. Cut them loose. Better for you and better for them.

Because it's NOT ok. 

Something not sitting right with you? Want to talk?


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Eric Gilboord


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