Dear Masorti Supporter,

For all of us who love Israel, it is painful that the Israeli government continues to empower extremist religious authorities to undermine the Conservative-Masorti Movement in Israel.

Ironically, this is happening just as a recent Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) study reports tremendous grassroots growth of the impact of Masorti and other liberal streams of Judaism in Israel – now 800,000 people strong. 

Turn disappointment and frustration with Israeli government policy into positive action by supporting Masorti’s 80 expanding communities across the country.
With your support, we will be able to help establish a more #InclusiveIsrael , build and expand synagogues that reflect Masorti strength and spirituality, and fight the ultra-Orthodox extremist monopoly on government power and funding.

Inclusivity is at the center of Masorti programs , which provide progressive, pluralistic options for Israelis who thirst for an authentic, modern Israeli Jewish life connected to our tradition.

Thoughtful supporters like you help Masorti transform Israeli lives:
Yuval's Bat Mitzvah
Yuval, a severely disabled young woman, who with the support of Masorti’s ADRABA – The Shirley Lowy Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, was able to bless and kiss the Torah and sing prayers with such joy during her Bat Mitzvah. This Bat Mitzvah could not have happened under Orthodox auspices. 
Yoel's Siddur
Yoel, a convert from Venezuela, grew closer to Judaism after joining a welcoming Masorti synagogue that gave him a “feeling of home and a sense of belonging.” Yoel treasures the siddur he received from the movement. With your support, we can further expand such outreach initiatives. 
Lily's Tallit
Lily felt a greater connection to Judaism after receiving a new tallit from the NOAM youth movement camp that unites Israeli children of all religious backgrounds and traditions. She will go on to a NOAM leadership program steeped in Jewish tradition and Israeli pluralism. 
Your gift sends a powerful message to the Israeli government. They must recognize and allow all Jewish denominations to flourish if Israel is to thrive as a Jewish and democratic state for all.

By acting together, we have an opportunity to break the ultra- Orthodox monopoly on recognized Jewish religious life in Israel. With your support, Masorti weddings will be celebrated – not restricted, women will not be harassed for reading Torah at the Kotel, and growing Masorti congregations will have the resources for inspiring prayer spaces – not bomb shelters or other inadequate alternatives.

JPPI’s reporting makes clear that there is a massive unmet need for Masorti services that we, together, can provide. 

Rabbi Robert Slosberg, Chairman
Gideon Aronoff, Executive Director
P.S. Before you finish this message, please take the words of Hillel to heart –
 “If not now, when?” Now is the time to help Masorti communities reach new heights and combat extremism!
P.P.S. Prefer to donate by mail? Send your check to the Masorti Foundation,
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