Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church
Worship Focus for November 10
Rev. Hardy H. Kim, preaching

Aren’t there things about the world that we just know are wrong? Something isn’t working out the way it’s supposed to. Certain people aren’t getting what they deserve (good or bad). There just something missing!

When we see these situations – or when we’re in a tough spot and things aren’t as they should be for us – what does that do to our faith or our relationship with God? What do we expect of God, or how do we speak to God about these situations?

It’s very clear from the whole story of Scripture that things did not always work out according to expectations for God’s people. So, perhaps we can learn from the wisdom of the people who lived through difficult times, and from the way that they stayed connected to God in the midst of them.

In hope,
Theme for Sunday

“Prayer must never be answered: if it is, it ceases to be prayer and becomes correspondence.”
—Oscar Wilde
Questions for Reflection
  • Can you think of a situation in the world that just doesn’t seem to be working out the way that it should? Especially one where there’s something missing?
  • Do you bring that situation to God in some way? How do you present it to God, or what do you expect God to do?
Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21

I will extol you, my God and King,
  and bless your name for ever and ever.
Every day I will bless you,
  and praise your name for ever and ever.
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised;
  his greatness is unsearchable.

One generation shall laud your works to another,
  and shall declare your mighty acts.
On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
  and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.
The Lord is just in all his ways,
  and kind in all his doings.
The Lord is near to all who call on him,
  to all who call on him in truth.
He fulfills the desire of all who fear him;
  he also hears their cry, and saves them.
The Lord watches over all who love him,
  but all the wicked he will destroy.

My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord,
  and all flesh will bless his holy name for ever and ever.