If you bought Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar you'd know today is the anniversary date of Huaso setting the high jump record = 8'1". It's one of the world's longest unbroken sports records.
Wikipedia tells us that 16 year old Huaso (1933 - 1961) ridden by Chilean Captain Alberto Larraguibel, set the high-jump world record on February 5, 1949, by jumping 8' 1" in Viña del Mar, Chile, one of the longest-running unbroken sport records in history, at 72 years.
Huaso stood just 16.1H. He started as a race horse, but never finished well because he was too nervy and unruly. After six years of failure, the horse was purchased as a Dressage prospect. Early in his training he suffered an accident, impaling himself on a hindquarter, and almost having to be put down. He recovered, but acquired a slight limp, which effectively put an end to any chances in Dressage.

As a last option he was moved to show jumping. Huaso still retained his potency, but he was still too nervy and difficult to control, and he wasn't showing any promise in jumping. One afternoon, while he was being trained riderless in the arena, he simply bolted and jumped over the surrounding wall, which was over 6' high. He was spotted by an Army horse master who decided to purchase and destine him for high-jump. There's an exciting account of the day they set the record here
Along with Huaso's world record anniversary, the second month of Favorite Horse Quotes features a profound quote by author Michael Johnson.

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Who is Michael Johnson? What's so great about his books?
They're a rare candid MAN'S account of struggles with a horse that wouldn't comply with traditional riding and training. In Healing Shine Oklahoma Cowboy Michael Johnson shares a great deal of the inner dialogue that he has with himself surrounding his struggle with the flighty, spooky, special needs, mentally challenged horse - Shine.Readers find themselves alternately laughing out loud, and shedding a tear as we realize that Michael's words of frustration and anguish are a lot like our own.
His quest to make a competitive roping horse out of the difficult gelding is an epic tale of seeking. Even when he tried to give up, forces outside himself would not allow it; "You are like all the rest. You pray for great horse. You say, 'Oh, please give me great horse.' Get one, and what do you do? You say, 'Oh, he's crazy, I can't handle him, I need help, send him to someone else.' HEY! Are you listening? We didn't send him to someone else! We sent him to you!"
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I accidentally took this pretty-good photo with my phone.
On the way back in from the barn, I was just trying to capture the sunrise, the fog, and the fact that there is smoke coming from the chimney after I cleaned ashes out of the stove and revived the fire. The resulting picture turned out prettier than the sum of the elements combined. I will also note that I am the household record holder for "failed fires", so when I pull off a successful restart it is cause for celebration. I share more about the joys of burning wood here.
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