January 5, 2021 by Gina Keesling
today is the day the first episode of Mister Ed aired in 1961 - read more below
Along with the Mister Ed Anniversary date, the first month of Favorite Horse Quotes features
the inspirational quote "ONE DAY, OR DAY ONE - YOU DECIDE" from the new Horsespirations book (that's here)

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Hollywood Hoofbeats tells us that
Mister Ed (real name Bamboo Harvester), the wisecracking equine who embarrasses his human confidant by refusing to talk in front of other humans was a surefire formula. An instant success, the series ran on CBS from 1961 to 1966, before going into syndication. It was revived in the 1980s by the cable network Nickelodeon's popular Nick at Nite series.

Hollywood Hoofbeats also notes that Bamboo Harvester was 3/4 Arabian, whose sire was what is known today as a National Show Horse. Himself a show and parade horse in his early years, Bamboo Harvester was eleven when Filmways Television Productions purchased him for $1,500. Read more about Hollywood Hoofbeats below.
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Hollywood Hoofbeats is one of my all-time favorite reference books. Here at our house, we are not huge movie watchers, but westerns are a favorite - and there are always questions about the horses. This book answers them all - and more!
HoofPrints carried the hard cover version of Hollywood Hoofbeats for years, and it was a perennial best-seller. In fact, I carried it until the publisher sold out. When they didn't reprint, I was ANGRY. What I dumb move, I thought, to have such an iconic title, of such interest and usefulness to horse lovers - and not reprint it when it ran out. Dumb-dumb-dumb (I thought)
Turns out, I was the dumb one. 
I never considered the idea that author Petrine Day Mitchum (watch an interview with her here) was back at work with cohort Audrey Pavia - updating this book to include all the NEW movies that have come out since Hollywood Hoofbeats was first published in 2005.
And they left nothing out. Now, you can read the stories behind the equine actors in recent films: The Lone Ranger, War Horse, True Grit, and more. There's an updated section about the Mustang Cloud, and even a story about how real horses were used to create the horse-like creatures in Avatar. The original content has been augmented and updated. Lots of pictures have been added. They tightened up the margins around the type to fit it all in, and added pages to accommodate the new content.
Check out this nice letter I received from a 77 year old farrier customer
In it, he talks about his memories of the movie horses from many years ago, and shares that he enjoys conversing with his horseshoeing customers about them as he works:
"I quiz my customers on the names of Movie Horses."
He goes on to mention that he's looking forward to learning about the horses that star in more recent films, and laments that he's forgotten the name of Red Ryder's horse.
And Hollywood Hoofbeats does NOT disappoint. In it we learn that "Wild" Bill Elliot appeared in the 1940's Red Ryder series aboard a Ralph McCutcheon-trained Morgan named Andy Pershing, renamed Thunder for the movies. In 1946, Elliot sold Thunder to Alan "Rocky" Lane, who also appeared in Red Ryder. He changed Thunder's name to Black Jack and rode him in a number of Republic Westerns. No wonder our friend couldn't remember this horse's name - it was changed twice! Who is Ralph McCutcheon? There are pages about him in this book, including the fact that he trained at night so no one would learn his secret methods.

Hollywood Hoofbeats is packed with photos and trivia like this. I keep a copy in the living room beside my favorite chair, and have yet to fail to produce extensive info about any movie horse we happen to notice in whatever show we are watching.
Well, this is something I never thought I'd be doing - my latest blog posts surprise even me! I never, ever saw myself as a food blogger... yet here we are.
You see, here at the Keesling house (also the home of HoofPrints.com), most of our day is spent tending to customers' orders, remodeling the house, and doing outside chores. There's not much time left for cooking, but we still gotta eat. Whenever I want to try something new, and go looking online for recipes, what I end up finding are meals that look yummy, but entail 49 different steps and result in a sink full of dirty dishes before we even get to sit down and eat. 
We use Farriers Fitting Hot Sauce on everything; meat, vegetables, noodles, even eggs, and in upcoming blog posts I'll be sharing some of my favorite fast and easy recipes.

This tuna (or turkey) salad is a superfecta recipe: It’s fast, easy, delicious and healthy! Cleanup is a snap, too, only two dishes and a few utensils dirtied, start to finish! Takes just a few minutes to throw together.
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