If you bought Favorite Horse Quotes Calendar you would know that today is Black Jack, the Caparisoned Horse's birthday
The Caparisoned horse is the riderless horse who follows the caissons (6 horses pulling the cart which carries the casket of the fallen soldier). The caparisoned horse represents the soldier who will no longer ride in the brigade. The caparisoned horse wears the cavalry saddle, the sword and backwards boots in the stirrups, symbolizing the end of his tenure. If you watch any footage of military funerals, you will see this horse. ~ source here
Foaled January 19, 1947, Black Jack was a coal-black Morgan/Quarter Horse cross. Named in honor of General of the Armies John J. "Black Jack" Pershing, he was the riderless horse in more than 1,000 Armed Forces Full Honors Funerals, the majority of which were in Arlington National Cemetery. The photo here was taken November 24, 1963 at the funeral procession of President John F Kennedy.

Black Jack was famously strong-willed and difficult; jigging and prancing and tossing his head during what should have been somber occasions. Every picture I found of him online showed his feet were moving, and his head was in some stage of tossing, or being restrained by his grim-faced handler. Video here. In spite of this (or because of it) the crowds loved him, and his career as the riderless horse spanned 24 years. He died on February 6, 1976 and was buried with full military honors.
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