You might be amazed at what your soul
wants to say  when immersed
in an atmosphere free of judgment!
Join memoir writer and popular presenter Mike Ward and Diamond Approach teacher Rosanne Annoni for a powerful retreat of spiritual discovery May 17-19, Wednesday-Friday.

The great masters of Eastern and Western religions agree on one truth: we are already True Nature/God Nature, but the difference between realized beings and ordinary beings is that realized beings do not forget this truth.  

Spiritual practices are designed to help us land in Presence, in the purity of Now, so that we, too, can remember who and what we are.

Writing is a powerful support for self-remembering. We start where we are, expressing what feels real and true. Then we follow the wisdom of Alice Munroe, becoming more of an archaeologist, digging deeper, and revealing the truths beneath the truths.

When we stay true to where we are, each step of the way, we can’t help but rediscover our ultimate essential nature.

This workshop is not about the craft of writing but rather about accessing the natural creativity and depth that shows up when we turn inward, get present, and put pen to paper. 
To register call 715.267.7507.