Back it up ...
How sharp are Jeremi's resharpened blades? Sharper than a shark's tooth.

If you watch Jaws in reverse, it's a happy story about a giant shark who goes from beach to beach finding injured swimmers and heals their injuries so they can enjoy a happy day of seashore frolic.

Jeremi's sharpening process is like that -- your dull, dangerous rotary blades have their aging process reversed to restore and renew them so you can enjoy a happy day of fabric frolic.

CLICK HERE to see a video of the resharpening process in action and see how he backs up the claim that these blades are sharper than new with proof.

Cough up your dull, used blades at our cutting table. Jeremi will resharpen them to better than new, thanks to the polishing step that gives the blades the sheen of a sharkskin suit and a cutting edge that would make a mako merry.

Packs of five are just $18.54. That's less than $3.75 per blade. If you prefer new, we still sell them for one dollar over wholesale.

On the topic of backing up --
  • Many fabric lines are delayed due to shipping issues, backed up in port
  • Reut has all the machines she can handle right now. We will put out the call again shortly. Thanks again!
Sweet dreams
are made
of these ...
If monster-sized sharks from the seven seas haunt your dreams, this agreeable dream catcher fabric can be used for a pillow case to hold your head up.

This print is available on a field of purple, black and a great white, too.

All creatures great & small
We've got all sizes of thimbles.

If you're needing something to fit a giant shark or maybe just to hold your scissors and rotary cutter (with newly resharpened blades) we've got giant "thimbles" for that, too.

Another fine kettle of fish
We've got fresh fishing themed fabrics.

They feature an awkward bass, but the fabric is directional so you can't really use it backward.

Don't rest on your laurels, get this hardy collection while you still can.

Exploding Shark Heart Kits
While great white backing fabric is depicted here, you could use any neutral, for a different overall effect. The sharp contrast of the saturated Kaffe colors against the neutral gives this pattern a bit of a visual bite.
Natural sea sponges
Are known as "sea wool". We've just received a big bountiful boxful of flannel "woolies" for hand or machine work. Many colors, veering to the wintry.

Catch the Big One

We're now taking pre-orders on Hoffman Big Fat Fifty rolls. That's 50 yards of top quality Hoffman batiks for just $11.25 a yard.

Also half yard and other precuts.

We've just received a big shipment of Hoffman batiks on the bolt, too. Be sure to check them out.

See horses
We spotted no seahorses in these prints, but if they were spotted seahorses they'd probably be called sea appaloosas.

Moving fast, don't delay.

Kimberbell Kits!

This pillow kit is complete with all you need to create this keepsake pillow.

Part of the "Fill in the Blank" program.

We're pleased to offer more than just the blank. -- we've got the best supply of Kimberbell in all of New Mexico!

It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

The full moon is good for fishing, whether you're after sharks or on a three-hour tour seeking minnows.

The large blocks of the Full Moon collection mean you'll have the quilt top done timely if you just tie and bind it. Beth made this quilt top in one of our favorite patterns in a color combo that makes allows this project to extend well beyond just Halloween.

Click HERE for yours
Ginny used Kaffe Fassett fabrics to make this dazzling version of a 3-yard quilt. Based on the Corner Play pattern, we'll kit it for you. See it in store now.

Catherine used Alison Glass fabrics for this variation of Flying Geese called "Lazy Goose." Kits available now!

In-store NOW!
Hot Air Balloon
This one just came in -- big, big panel measuring most a yard by width of fabric. Depicting a sunrise ascension over lavender fields, it's based on photographic artwork. Running yardage available, too.

From Jeremi's Workshop:

Two in the pink ...

Two pink machines to show off this week.

We'll be happy to do you a pink one, if it tickles your fancy.

Not up for pink? Tell us what color you think.

Custom machines a specialty.

Sunday Super Saver

Look for the big question mark at the bottom of our website homepage. Every Sunday, we'll have something on offer that is a MINIMUM of 33 percent off.

The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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