2017 was a magical year for Second Chance! We again experienced double digit growth, which enabled us to train more associates in our workforce development programs. We have improved our deconstruction training program, which was a welcome necessity because we once again deconstructed more homes and, thereby, diverted more waste than in any previous year!

We’ve made great strides in formalizing our retail and warehouse operations and enhancing employee development programs. We hired 253 people with barriers to employment and are inspired as we watch them take advantage of their second chance!

Three such people are featured in the video below. You may have seen an earlier brief version, but in this inspirational expanded edition you'll really get to know how Second Chance has helped these folks triumph over truly tough times.
The three individuals in the video we're introduced at our Wreckers Ball , where over 300 guests and 70 volunteers enjoyed the revival of our entertaining community outreach event. Second Chance also witnessed an explosion in volunteer effort, with 70% more volunteers energetically contributing an unprecedented 8,000+ hours of service! You'll read a little more about these highlights below.
While pausing to celebrate past accomplishments, we're always looking eagerly to the future, too. From introducing a green-reuse "Concept House" to researching new recycling programs, we continually explore strategic ways to Reclaim, Retrain and Renew.

For example, after several years of consideration we have made significant steps to duplicate our nonprofit model in the "City of Brotherly Love." Stay tuned as our expansion plans unfold toward an anticipated opening in Philadelphia during 2018!

Meanwhile, we're working to role out "SCI Studios" this year. This will be a furniture production workshop designed to train cohorts of Second Chance employees in the basics of carpentry and industrial design. The program will use our reclaimed lumber and materials to create reclaimed furniture for sale. We think you'll dig it!
 As you might imagine, there's never a dull moment around here. Yet we recognize none of it is possible without your continued involvement. So my team and I want to express our deep appreciation for all the support we've received from individual donors, shoppers and homeowners, our community and nonprofit partners, civic organizations, state and local government agencies, and our many dedicated volunteers. You're moving us forward with great momentum into 2018!
Mark S. Foster
Founder & President
During 2017, Seco nd Chance provided employment and training to 253 adults with multiple barriers to employment! These challenges included chronic unemployment, criminal records, poverty and/or educational deficits.

People with barriers to employment earn a living wage in one of four functional areas: deconstruction, retail, transportation and warehousing. They receive classroom and on-the-job training in both vocational and life skills. This training and employment enables them to support themselves and their families, reduces the likelihood of recidivism, and provides an on-ramp to continued employment that stabilizes whole communities. 

Most graduates of our Deconstruction Training Program class received offers of full-time employment from Second Chance after completing the program, and we are committed to helping them - and all our employees - further themselves in other rewarding careers beyond us.
For the 10th consecutive year, we participated in Baltimore City’s innovative YouthWorks summer jobs program. Ten young men and women completed five weeks of vocational (plus financial literacy) training under our tutelage.

It was also a joy to host a cohort of carpentry students from Baltimore City’s Carver Vocational-Technical High School . Each Tuesday for several weeks they honed their carpentry skills while building a valued break room for our employees. Like much of what we do, it was truly a win-win!
The EPA estimates that more than 136 million tons of debris are generated each year by construction and demolition. Through our aggressive deconstruction and recycling efforts, we seek to divert as much of those materials as possible from the waste stream, especially since much of it is well-suited for a second chance.

Once again, in 2017 we reaped a sizeable reward for our record-setting green initiatives, including the most ever structures deconstructed in a year and a record number of pickups by our donation vehicles (1,277). These two efforts alone diverted some 3.6 million cubic feet of material from the landfill and made them available reuse and recycling!
One notable structure we "unbuilt" in 2017 was a 5,000 square foot home encased in over 7,000 square feet of Carrera marble imported from Italy! This feat could only be pulled off by a highly experienced deconstruction outfit, and we are proud to have skillfully reclaimed the precious materials for reuse. The slideshow below will give you a taste of the project.
Our persistent commitment to sustainability extends to our internal operations as well. A remarkable example occurred on our own campus last year.

Driven by our environmental priorities, Second Chance worked with state and local agencies to find ways to minimize the negative impact of polluting runoff from our large roof and parking lot into the Chesapeake Bay watershed. A stormwater plan was implemented to incorporate “best greening practices” and innovative eco-strategies. This involved removing 7,800 square feet of existing impervious surface and replacing it with green space, advance filtration and indigenous landscaping. Click the picture below for more information.
Second Chance was, once again, prominent in the community in 2017. In addition to ways already mentioned - like providing discount goods in our store and protecting our natural environment - and to scenes in the slideshow above, we've selected four additional representative vignettes.

A crowning jewel of 2017 was the re-launch of our annual Wreckers Ball , where we hosted 300+ people and a volunteer staff of 70 for an evening of fun and fundraising. Partygoers dressed in “construction chic,” delighted in tasty food and beverages, and danced to live music while enjoying cornhole, raffles, photo booths, diamond discovery, displays and themed decor. The main program and live auction, mc’ed by the wonderful Mary Bubala of CBS's WJZ-13 , also introduced people to and raised funds toward our mission .

Last year we partnered with the CCBD Committee to develop another massive " mural with a message! " On the north side of our building (facing Bush Street) was a formerly nondescript wall that now boasts a colorful art installation by Mural Masters. In the 180-foot exhibit, a freshly determined person moves from holding prison bars to holding tools and building a new life, then a home. The mural artfully depicts how Second Chance provides training and direction to people wanting to change their lives for the better.

An unprecedented 1,800+ volunteers from various educational, corporate, religious and charitable backgrounds invested an astounding 8,000+ hours into the mission of Second Chance last year! That represents a 70% annual increase of volunteers and an 80% annual increase in hours served. These charitable efforts helped us save about $213,120 in labor costs, which we were able to invest back into our workforce development efforts. See why we love our volunteers so much?!

The se new records were bolstered by Johns Hopkins University, who invested over 1,000 hours of service; Under Armour with 317 hours; and a new organization, Allegis Group, with 222 hours! Other new friends include Altria, Chick-fil-A, Cordish Companies and NAIOP, MD.

Here is a list of all of the fine organizations who provided volunteers in 2017. Here is information on volunteering yourself or organizing a group from 2 to 200!

Second Chance was humbled to be included in a diverse array of published works again in 2017. From various television, radio, video, photo and print pieces, it encourages us to see our efforts exposed to a broader audience. After all, the further our message travels, the more support we can garner to help people, products and the planet!

We encourage you to stay informed about past and breaking news by following our website and Facebook page, among our other online forums.

Something that rarely makes the news, however, is Second Chance's commitment to be a resource to community groups in our region, like schools, parks, gardens and art groups. Click here to see the list of diverse organizations we were proud to be able to contribute to last year with your support.
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