This month is all about taking care of teeth that might be worn or in need of replacement.  Learn more about how Gina  went through the records process with Dr. Elizabeth to rebuild her worn teeth. Read more and see her new smile!

Then,  learn about how teeth and chewing play a vital role in your overall health and what your options are in the face of losing teeth.

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Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Jeff
Rebuilding Worn Teeth - Gina's Story
Gina Before

After noting decay around Gina's front teeth and hearing about Gina's frustration with the additional wear on her teeth, Dr. Elizabeth recommended Gina go through our records process so she could delve deeper into underlying causes behind her decaying and worn teeth.

See what the records process revealed and how Dr. Elizabeth helped restore Gina's smile!

The Vital Roll of Teeth and Chewing in Overall Health 

It's an unfortunate fact of life: sometimes our teeth don't last as long as we would like them to. It's not uncommon to lose teeth to accidents, decay, disease or deterioration.

If you're facing missing teeth, yo u may be tempted to soldier on without them. Our latest blog highlights several reasons replacement is important to your overall health.

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"Great dental practice. The care is the best and I'm always greeted with a friendly smile. The service here is the best and I recommend them to all my family and friends who ask." -  Adam Pickens, 5 stars

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10 Common Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth
Let's face it. No one wants discolored teeth. A less-than-sparkling smile can be socially awkward and put a huge dent in our self-confidence.

Visit our blog for the list of the top 10 foods and beverages that may be working against our pearly white smiles.

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