Anyone who Reads this Email is NOT NORMAL!

´╗┐Which is Actually a Good Thing and Why I am Writing to YOU Today!

Those of you who are reading this email have proven that you are "not normal." How? You are not normal because you are more politically active than 95% of your fellow citizens. You are more aware of what is going on politically than 95% of your peers. You are an activist - you take action in defense of your beliefs and values while nearly everyone else sits back and complains. You do not accept the chaos being sown around you. You will spend your time, money and effort to "fix" things that are broken. You are NOT NORMAL!

Which is why I am writing to you today. As my article from earlier this week, "If you think you are voting for Republicans in Tuesday's Republican Primary - Think Again!", pointed out, the political "system" in Ohio is totally broken. We have NO Representation. Zero! Our Primary Elections are totally rigged. Both political parties are totally corrupt. We the People elect "Super Majorities" of "Republicans" who act like Democrats once in office. Then we are denied the right to throw them out of office by the rigging of elections like this one on this Tuesday, August 2nd.

This Tuesday's Election is a $30 million disaster. Few Ohioans actually know there is an election on August 2nd; even less know what Ohio House or Senate District they are in; and even less know who is running for election in "their" District that would cause them to come out and vote! Why would anyone show up to vote? Normal People will not take the time or make the effort to go vote in an election where in many cases the only thing on the ballot to vote for is "State Central Committee" - whatever the hell that is! Who can blame them?

Voting in Tuesday's election will NOT BE NORMAL and in this case, that is a good thing - a VERY GOOD THING! Why? Since the vote turnout is expected to be as low as 5%, YOUR VOTE is going to be worth a hundred votes in a normal election! Meaning that YOU have a chance, as an actual informed voter, to elect REAL Republicans and Conservatives to run in November. To my knowledge, there has never been an August election for Ohio House and Ohio Senate or State Central Committee! This is your chance, OUR CHANCE, to be the MAJORITY of the voters in Tuesday's election, not the minority!

We MUST take advantage of this anomaly, not just to elect a few conservatives to the Ohio House and Ohio Senate but to seize the opportunity to reform the corrupt Republican Party by electing our slate of State Central Committee Candidates. The establishment is spending millions to retain their power by trying to get normal Republicans to turn out and vote this election. It's not going to work. Normal people don't understand the importance, don't recognize the candidates names, and don't care enough to take the time and make the effort to show up at the polls.

I know that YOU will show up and vote. As a reward for ALWAYS showing up to vote, this time YOUR VOTE will count more than any other statewide election - EVER! I implore you to SHARE this email with other activists; to go to the Ohio Citizens PAC website, or any of the links below, and see our endorsed State Central Committee Candidates for your District; then SHOW UP on Tuesday to make a difference and vote for those endorsed conservative candidates to begin the process of "fixing" Ohio's broken political system!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski


We the People Convention


Ohio Citizens PAC

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

Ohio Christian Alliance

Buckeye Firearms PAC

Ohio Value Voters

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio

Ohio Republican PAC

Ohio Chamber of Commerce

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