A good, healthy, open silence, a freeing silence...
might lead a person anywhere.
- Kathleen Norris
Thanks to all who donated through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge to support Ignatius Farm's fundraising to upgrade the glass seedling greenhouse. This year Ignatius Farm raised extra seedlings and held a fundraising seedling sale. The Farm didn't win the Canada Day draw, but your donations were sufficient to repair the damages from April's ice storm and May's wind storm. A big thank you!

Ignatius Farm and the Old-Growth Forest project are currently participating in a local Soil Health project  with other local farmers to learn how much carbon can be stored in soil effectively.

Why is this significant for fundraising?

Some Ignatius donors are donating personal carbon emission offset pledges. For the past three years, the head Jesuit office in Toronto has donated to the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest to offset carbon emissions associated with their air travel. Another donor annually gives to the Ignatius Farm towards seeding cover crops - another way to offset carbon emissions.

If you would like to offset your personal carbon emissions, you can donate here .
For more information call 519-824-1250 Ext. 257 Mondays-Fridays, 9am - 4pm or send an email to development@ignatiusguelph.ca.
For all of our retreats, please register online.

For more program options, see the 2018-2019 Loyola House Programs brochure.

Interested in a training program for giving spiritual direction?  Read about our workshops and training opportunities here.

UPCOMING RETREATS -   Each retreat date is linked to our website for more information   
Interested in digging deeper? Consider doing the Full Spiritual Exercises Experience this Fall. Read about it here.  Application deadline is August 15.
A fun photo of Don
with the radishes.
Sign-up up for you Mid-Summer Share!
Midsummer shares start July 24th- don't miss out on beans, tomatoes, eggplants, greens and much more!! Sign up for your share here!
Farmer Health Day and Gardener Gathering
Join Ignatius Farm and the EFAO for Farmer Health Day and Gardener Gathering! This one-day workshop retreat features group and one-on-one healing sessions to help us rest during a busy time of year and appreciate our bodies, hearts, and minds for all their hard work. Farmers, farm interns, and gardeners are all welcome!

The day will feature local practitioners including Arrive Yoga and Mindfulness Centre; James Saper, RTCMP; Sue Nash, Certified Brain Gym Consultant; Roxana Roshon, Naturotherapist; Miko Henry, RMT; Andi Jakowlew, Osteopath; and Julie Baumlisberger, Usui Reiki Master!

When: July 28th, 9:30am-3:30pm
Where: St. Brigid's Villa at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre
Registration: Register on the EFAO website by July 21

Visit the Facebook event page for more information!   
Open Farm Days at the Farm
Open Farm Days 2017

When:   August 21 & August 24, from 3:30-6pm
Where: The Ignatius Farm Workshop
What: A fun afternoon at the farm celebrating summer- all are welcome! Events include:
  • One free scoop of Mapleton's Organic ice cream per person
  • Free guided wagon rides
  • Face painting by Makin' Faces & kids activities (including the popular straw bale maze!) 
  • BBQ by Meeting Place Organic Farm
  • Fun music... and more!
Stay in the loop on the Facebook page!

Restoring Marden Creek - Sat July 21 @ 9:30am-12:30pm
Interested in "getting your feed wet" in stream rehabilitation? Join Ignatius staff for some in-stream work... read more here!  This event is FULL...be sure to sign up for our September 23rd event: All About Forests!

All About Forests - Sun. September 23 @ 10am-4pm
Join in this interactive day of celebration and learning about forests. Activities suitable for all ages will be running all day... read more here!
Looking for a different summer experience?  Consider this year's Walking Pilgrimage from Guelph to Midland - August 4-11.  The Walking Pilgrimage is about nourishing your spirituality, enjoying the great outdoors, getting great exercise (20-30 km per day), and having fun & enjoying good company.  Read about it here...registrations are being accepted! Registration deadline - July 20.
STORIES plus more!

Greg Kennedy SJ

You fragile transparencies,
                heaped together in a bowl
                woven warmly,
as you grow days into flight
it's your sightless confidence
that excites my peeking in
on you sleeping a common lung.
A stir and of a sudden
you wake as one into a long-throated
heaven-pointed choir
of squeaky supplication
evolving, surely, into song.
You unfeathered faithful
fed on tireless to-&-fro love
I have half a mind
of climbing in closed-eyed beside you
to restart my fledgling flying career.

Time with the Ignatius land blesses and inspires people in many ways. Retreatants on the Soil & Soul Spring Retreat wrote these prayers, printed with permission.

The bat, the mosquito, and me
by Sr. Emily Schietzsch, SSMI

bzzz...  bzzz...   bzzz...   bzzz...
one mosquito, two mosquito, three mosquito, four...
bite mosquito, swarm mosquito, sit mosquito, soar...
hate mosquito, swat mosquito, run mosquito, spray...
Wonder why mosquitoes won't just go away!

But, if I were a bat...
yum...   yum...   yum...   yum...
hear mosquito, where mosquito, there mosquito, now...
catch mosquito, slurp mosquito, eat mosquito, chow...
taste mosquito, lick mosquito, love mosquito meat...
Did God make mosquitoes just for me to eat?

We thank thee Lord for these thine gifts,
which we are about to receive...
bzzz...   snap...   gulp...   yum, yum!

Psalm 139 as sung by the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (on May 30, 2018)
by Melodie Ng

O Lord, you have searched me
   and you know me.
You know when I perch and when I fly;
   you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my flitting and my hovering;
   you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a sip of nectar is on my tongue
   you know its sweetness, O Lord.
You hem me in - from behind with shimmering green feathers
   and before with a creamy white breast;
You have laid your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
   too lofty for me to attain.

* - image source: freepngimg.com
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