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Welcome, Fall!

October Event Spotlight

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We're excited to host presenters from NAMI Central Texas for Parents and Teachers as Allies, an important training about early childhood mental health. Join us to learn about early warning signs of mental health conditions, using empathy, and the caregiver's role in addressing mental health.

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Free Parenting & Childcare Educator Classes

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Spooky Slime Curbside Bag

Pop-Up Preschool Halloween Play Day

Sugar Skull Craft Curbside Bag

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Celebrate with Picture Books´╗┐

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Picture books are a great way to explore and celebrate cultural traditions. Click here for a list of wonderful books to share with your kids!

Celebrate with Art Projects

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Click here to check out our curated list of art projects to do with your kids to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Igniting Sparks at ASAP


Carey Thornell, ASAP Coordinator

This year at the After School Action Program we are challenging middle schoolers to skip the screen time and get out there to THINK - MAKE - DO! We are engaging students in everything from robotics and culinary arts to outdoor adventures! We offer a variety of after school classes to middle schoolers across Georgetown that help them find their SPARK!

We know middle school is an important time for cultivating the special skills that make every young person unique. To help grow these skills each day, we offer a variety of activities to choose from so that youth can find classes that speak to them.

Using fun outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, caving, and fishing, we help students grow leadership skills and team building while enjoying nature. In our service club, students design projects that support their community and help them learn how their voice makes a BIG impact in the world around them.

We explore academics and science in Weird Science class. Each week students complete a new experiment on site and then take home their finished product to continue experimenting. We also offer daily academic support and homework help to keep students on track with their grades.

We help activate student creativity through our culinary arts classes where each week they learn basic cooking skills and learn to customize recipes to their liking. We also have a series of art classes where students can express their creativity through different mediums such as clay, water color, and paint. All of these fun activities are ways we support students after school to become the amazing adults we know they will be!

At the cornerstone of all of our programming are amazing staff members who intentionally build relationships with students to find, identify, encourage and grow their SPARKS! 

Find out more about ASAP here.


What is ASAP?

ASAP, or After School Action Program, is a partnership program of Georgetown ISD, The Georgetown Project, and Georgetown Parks and Recreation that offers GISD middle school students safe after school activities that promote responsibility and healthy decisions.

Watch the video below to see some of the ASAP kids' projects!

Igniting Young People's Sparks

Programs like the After School Action Program are so important. Not only do they give kids a place to go after school to build positive, healthy relationships, but they give young people the opportunity to find their "sparks." Sparks are the interests, strengths, and talents that make kids excited, passionate, and give them focus and purpose in life. Research conducted by Search Institute shows that kids with identified sparks and caring adults in their lives who support their sparks have better interpersonal and friend-making skills, show higher levels of empathy, engage in fewer risky behaviors, do better in school, and report higher life satisfaction.

Learn more about sparks in this video from Search Institute.

Upcoming Kids Events

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Upcoming Parent & Educator Workshops

Bridges to Growth is excited to offer both in-person and virtual

parenting and childcare provider workshops this fall. Sign up today!

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Bridges to Growth Parent Center

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IMPORTANT MASK UPDATE:  As of June 1, 2021, all programs and services of The Georgetown Project are mask optional. 

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Our Vision:

A community where no child is hungry, hurt, alone or rejected, and where all children and youth believe they are loved, respected and treated with dignity.

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