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April 10, 2020 | Vol 60
Welcoming The Holidays
Through Community Connection
A Brief Thought To Help Us Through The Holidays
Whether you are celebrating Passover, Easter or the spring solstice let’s plan to uplift one another to shine more brightly. by opening to our own inner light in connection with others who are doing the same, we generate potent ideas that can have tremendous influence on the world around us. There exists a mutually dependent relationship; without the parts, the collective wouldn’t function as a whole, and without the whole, the parts wouldn’t have purpose.

As Mary Oliver the poet said “no matter who we are and how lonely we may be, the world is there full of its imagination. the harsh moments and the exciting times call out, over and over, announcing our place in the family of things.”

Everyone at our center recognizes that each of you is what makes us a family, that we wouldn’t have a purpose to function if not for our members. We look forward to a new season with a renewed commitment to each of you and to our community. We wish all the best for the holidays.

Dr. Estelle Miller, LCSW; Ed.D
Special Easter Opera Concert from Italy
On Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020), by invitation of the City and of the Duomo cathedral of Milan, Italian global music icon Andrea Bocelli will give a solo performance representing a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world. Watch live at 1pm NYC
FIAO Connection

Join Our

Phone Tree
Are you interested in getting a call from us? Know someone that would benefit from a friendly check-in by phone?

We are very aware that some of our members are not getting our emails and do not follow us on social media. It is our goal to try to reach every member. To reassure them that we are here for them now and will continue to provide our services as soon as we are allowed to reopen. Regardless of COVID19, our commitment to our members' health and wellness is not on lockdown! We are here for you! So let's connect.

Use the form below to provide your name and number. You can also use this form to provide contact information for a friend or relative that would be interested.
Although our resources are limited by circumstance, we hope to do all that we can during this difficult time.

Online Classes!
Gabriella Messina, Dance

Dr. Miller, Meditation

Ludovica Zaccaria, Italian Instruction
Look for Live Classes?
ZOOM Live Class Schedule

Attention Members! In an effort to provide you with high quality content while also connecting you directly with some of our instructors we have decided to provide an opportunity for you attend Live Zoom Classes that are hosted by our instructors! Please know that these classes do require a fee to attend and the profit goes directly to the instructor you are supporting. We think this is a wonderful way for us to support you the member and our instructors during this unprecedentedly difficult time. The Schedules, Prices and Points of contact are listed below

Melissa Chen
Yoga on Wednesday’s & Friday’s at 5 PM starting April 15th. 
6 Sessions for $100 (Must Commit to all 6 Sessions) 
Contact Melissa at 917-669-3902 via text or call.

Jasmin Canuelas
Total Body Workout on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 11AM 
Lower Body on Wednesday 6:30 AM
Upper Body on Friday 6:30 AM 
$5 per class
Contact @jasmin-canuelas via Venmo. Once she receives payment she will send you the link.

Coach Gio
Basketball Workout classes will be every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Beginner Classes will be from 10AM-10:45 AM
Intermediate/Advanced will be from 11AM-11:45 AM
Classes are Free
Contact Coach Gio at
First class will be on April 15th
Italian Easter Traditions
Want to try to keep the traditions alive during the shutdown? Let's try some of these out together!

62 Recipes from Epicurious- Test them and tell us if they are truly Italian

The Shows Must Go On!
Weekly Releases Every Friday
Missing Broadway? Watch a show right from your living room, or bed--we won't judge you!  

Want to catch some of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musicals?
He is debuting them one a week on this YouTube channel, once a week, starting today.
Help for Our Neighborhood
Updates From Senator Andrew Gounardes

Some good news: the USNS Comfort has docked in New York Harbor. This US navy hospital ship brings 1,000 much-needed hospital beds and 1,200 health care workers and personnel to New York, which will be crucial in expanding hospital capacity and saving lives. The State Department of Health is also leading a Central Coordinating Team to organize upstate-to-downstate staffing needs, patient transfers between hospitals, and transfers to the USNS Comfort.

Rent is due this week and many New Yorkers who've lost their jobs because of COVID-19 simply can't pay. We need to provide emergency rent assistance so our housing system can remain afloat while we work to address the long-term impact of the coronavirus on our housing ecosystem. That's why I am co-sponsoring  S. 8140  which does just that. Although this bill doesn't address every housing financial obligation for people with lost income due to COVID-19, it is at least a good place to start. 

Two things you need to know: 1) if you can't make your rent today, there is a 3-month moratorium on evictions and you cannot be kicked out of your home. 2) the $2 trillion federal stimulus package that was passed last week will provide up to $1104/week in unemployment benefits plus a direct stimulus check of $1200 per individual making up to $75,000/year, plus $500 for every child 16 years or younger.

My office has compiled the details of financial assistance you may be able to receive from federal, state, and city government to help deal with the current economic distress we are facing. If you have any questions about any of these programs or need assistance, please contact my office and we'll do our best to help you. 

Financial Support for Individuals: For the many New Yorkers who are struggling because of COVID-19, please take a look at this infographic of some of the financial assistance you may be entitled to in federal, State and City aid. Remember, if you have been laid off because of coronavirus, you should  file for unemployment  right away. The waiting period to receive these benefits has been waived. Many of you have shared horror stories of calling dozens of times and still being unable to reach anyone. We're telling people to keep trying - that's the only way to get through. DOL has implemented a new  system  for New Yorkers to file by last name we hope will speed things up.
Keeping Clean, Safe and Healthy
Ongoing maintenance and cleaning continues.
Please stay safe and healthy!
Do the FIVE!
Summer Basketball Camp Canceled
Due to the current circumstances, the Summer Basketball Program has been cancelled. In the upcoming weeks, we will share the  enriched summer initiatives  offered  to ALL  members.
Saturday, June 13, 2020
6:00 PM
You are cordially invited to celebrate
The Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn, LTD.’s

43rd Annual Gala
June 13, 2020

El Caribe Country Club
5945 Strickland Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214

2020 Gala Honorees

RoseAnn C. Branda, Esq.
Executive Partner
Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara, Wolf, & Carone LLP

Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta
Founder & CEO
Brooklyn Counseling Services

The D’Onofrio Family
D’Onofrio General Contractors Corp. 

Salvatore Mattioli
President & CEO
Wall Systems Supply