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Siamo lieti comunicare che la Guida Eduitalia- Study in Italy 2019 ha l'onore di essere introdotta da una duplice prestigiosa presentazione a firma: 
  1. del neo Sottosegretario del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale con delega alla Lingua e Cultura Italiana nel mondo Guglielmo Picchi.

  2. dell'Ambasciatore Italiano negli Stati Uniti Armando Varricchio.
Rimettiamo alla Vostra attenzione una serie di significativi estratti tratti dalle due presentazioni citate:
The Eduitalia guide has been written for students and professionals the world over to present the various study opportunities available in Italy at Eduitalia's 94 partner Schools, Academies and Universities.  
[...] Here at the Ministry, we firmly believe that organisations such as Eduitalia have a key role to play in achieving this objective, through their international promotional activities that attract students from all over the world. [....]  
[....]  I am delighted to continue a welcome tradition and once again introduce this year's edition of Eduitalia's interesting and practical "Study in Italy" guide.
[....] The great - and growing - success of our language worldwide goes hand-in-hand with its association to the style and quality of both our made in Italy and Italian way of life. Furthermore, it is the result of a joint effort of the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C., the Italian Consular Network in the U.S. and the associations and universities that, in accordance with the Strategic Plan of National Observatory, are committed to the promotion of Italian language and culture.  
[....] They will now have the opportunity to spend several weeks in Italy in one of Eduitalia's partner schools and academies, living an amazing full immersion experience in the Italian language and culture.
I am sure that this first-hand period in Italy will mark a milestone in their lives and career paths, as they will discover the multifaceted aspects of a country rich in both tradition and innovation.
[...] This excellent cooperation with Eduitalia will continue to grow in years to come and to play a key role in the pursuit of our mission: to increase the number of Italian language students by offering opportunities to speak our beautiful language and to go on a journey of discovery of the immense cultural heritage of our Bel Paese.
Grazie mille, Eduitalia!

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