The Illinois Bible College Association filed a petition for a rehearing of their right to operate and grant religious degrees without government interference. The Seventh Circuit Court judge panel denied the Bible colleges the freedom to grant degrees.
For nearly seven years, brothers Elias and Saul Juarez and brothers Ruben and Oscar Sanchez fought the city of Elgin in court in order to clear their names and defend their right to lead young men away from the Latin Kings street gang. Two of the men recounted how they were beaten out of the gang after coming to faith in Jesus.   
It's the most important calling in your life - the calling God put upon your life to be a pastor. Every day you're pulled in many different directions and face new obstacles as you pursue God's call on your life. The LIFT conference seeks to come alongside and encourage you in all your roles as a pastor.
Religious freedom is the bedrock principle upon which our country was birthed. But that foundational truth is under increasingly aggressive attack. Join Michael Farris and Chief Kelvin Cochran as they provide inspirational insight into a pivotal moment in our nation’s history while outlining key strategies to preserve and protect our most cherished liberty: religious freedom.
This November, Harvest Bible Church will host Salt Summit, an event that seeks to equip 21st century Christian leaders with real-time tools that will create a heightened awareness of how cultural beliefs shape the world of politics, social justice, economics, and cultural discourse.
Pastor Carter's Friendly Lawsuit
Pastor Nathan Carter from Immanuel Baptist Church shares about his experience suing the city because of its discriminatory parking restrictions. The city is imposing stricter parking rules on his church than on other types of assemblies. Learn more about the case by listening to this recent podcast.
Joe Scheidler: Racketeer for Life
Joe Scheidler, author of the book, Racketeer for Life, shares about his work with Pro-Life Action League. Known as the "Godfather of Pro-Life Activism,” Joe Scheidler has dedicated his life to equipping activists for the pro-life cause. In this interview on Lawyers for Jesus radio, Joe is joined by John Jansen, Special Projects Coordinator at Pro-Life Action League.
Jesus in the Courtroom
" Written by a lawyer for non-lawyers, it presents a compelling call to action for all believers. "

-LifeWay writer for the Pastor's Library and paralegal Lori Morrison reviews Jesus in the Courtroom

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