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August 2018 

Labor News
By Richard H. Wessels

As our readers know, a significant portion of our practice here at Wessels Sherman is devoted to representation of employers in cases involving labor unions. This runs the full spectrum from remaining union-free to dealings with organized labor involving negotiations, arbitration, strikes, picketing, boycotts, and virtually all matters coming under the general description of labor-management relations. In connection with this we keep a close eye on what is happening with labor unions. Here is an update:

Mechanics Local 701 Business Representative election

Local 701 has a procedure that is different from most labor unions. It requires that all business representatives must run for re-election. These elections are held every four years. The most recent election was on August 1 st.There were 14 candidates for 9 business representative positions. All 9 Local 701 incumbents prevailed in the election. The current elected business representatives for Local 701 are as follows:

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It's Easier for Illinois Employers to Win Before the IDES on Cases involving Misconduct
By Nancy E. Joerg

This article is to remind Illinois employers about an important amendment to the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (which took effect over two years ago on January 3, 2016). The amendment broadened the misconduct definition by adding eight work-related behaviors which automatically disqualify the Claimant (i.e., ex-employee who filed for unemployment insurance benefits) from receiving unemployment insurance benefits due to misconduct.

In years past, there was only a strict definition of misconduct which required deliberate and willful behavior by the Claimant. Now, under these additional factors, employers have a better chance of winning.

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Alert: Governor Rauner Vetoes Expansion of Some State Anti-Discrimination Laws Which Would Have Included Small Illinois Employers (Less Than 15 Employees)
By Anthony J. Caruso, Jr.

On August 13, 2018, Illinois Governor Rauner vetoed House Bill 4572. This proposed "anti-business" legislation would have expanded the definition of employers covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act with regard to employment discrimination of certain types (i.e., race, national origin, religion) from employers with 15 employees or more to one employee or more. "Pro-business" forces want to keep it this way. So does Governor Rauner.

Currently, discrimination based on disability, pregnancy, or sexual harassment only requires the employer to employ one or more employees to be covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Governor Rauner stated that the basis for his veto was to prevent a burden that such discrimination claims would have on small businesses.

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House Bills Signed by Governor Rauner to Combat Sex Harassment
By Nancy E. Joerg

On Friday, August 10, 2018, Governor Rauner signed two new legislative measures in the attempt to end sex harassment at the Capitol and elsewhere.

House Bill 4243 takes effect immediately and forbids tax dollars to be used to settle sex harassment claims. The goal is to prevent lawmakers and their staff from using public monies to try keep victims of sex harassment silent by paying them off using public tax dollars. The sponsor of the bill said "Now it is crystal clear under law that there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment in Illinois, particularly when it is funded by the taxpayers."

House Bill 4953 requires anti-harassment training for anyone applying for or renewing professional state licenses such as teachers, doctors and real estate agents. Such individuals must take a one hour sex harassment prevention training course. Training sessions will start in January of 2020.

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