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December 2017  

Can a Great Human Resources Department End Sexual Harassment in Your Company?
By Nancy E. Joerg
Unfortunately, no. The answer to stopping sexual harassment problems in a company is more complicated and difficult than just hiring an extremely dedicated and motivated Human Resources Department. Every person in the Company must be fully trained to understand the total unacceptability of sexual harassment (and, at the most basic level, fully understand what sexual harassment is-and how to complain when observing and/or experiencing it).

The explosive flood of sexual harassment complaints hitting the news in recent months is often accompanied by angry accusatory comments such as: Why didn't the Human Resources Department of the Company prevent this from happening?

It's comforting to think that having a great Human Resources Department could head off all problems of sexual misbehavior at work. It certainly helps! But, adding to the complexity of sexual harassment incidents in the workplace, there is the reality that what offends one employee may not offend many others.

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Private employers should have sexual harassment prevention training to prevent a "#MeToo" moment
By Anthony J. Caruso, Jr 
Unfortunately, claims of sexual harassment are happening everywhere in today's society. Hollywood, Washington, DC and New York are prime examples. Illinois employers, don't be naïve - it happens in Illinois too!

What can an employer do to reduce the risk of sexual harassment claims? The key is sexual harassment prevention training. Simply having a written sexual harassment policy is not enough to protect an employer.

Sexual harassment prevention training should be provided to new employees as well as current employees on a regular basis. This training can be online or in person. The training should consist of an explanation and several examples of what sexual harassment is, the company's policy and complaint process and examples of inappropriate conduct with the opportunity for a question and answer session.

Also crucial is frequent supervisory training where supervisors are told to report all complaints of sexual harassment, no matter how seemingly minor.

Wessels Sherman is available to provide cost effective sexual harassment prevention training at your company facility. Please contact us for more details.

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Take Steps to Avoid Overly Inflated Performance Reviews
By Joseph H. Laverty

As 2017 comes to an end, many companies will perform their annual employee performance reviews. Companies typically do performance reviews at the beginning of the calendar or their fiscal year or at the employee's anniversary with the company. No matter when you perform reviews, companies need to be careful that managers do not over rate their subordinates. Many managers (sometimes unconsciously) over rate the employees they are reviewing. There are numerous reasons this happens.

It is a common human failing - to overlook the deficiencies of an employee's performance and, at the same time, emphasize and even exaggerate the strong points of the employee's performance. The truth is that it may be better to have absolutely no performance reviews in a company rather than to have performance reviews that are inflated.

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