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August 2, 2021
Illinois Eviction News
The eviction moratorium ended on July 31. Landlords can now file eviction cases, but the sheriff can’t carry out eviction orders against "covered persons." 

Find out who is covered here.
Sasha called CARPLS about her rights regarding an eviction and other housing rights. She said, "The attorney that returned my call was awesome. She took her time defining the laws and ordinances that are in place to assist people like myself. She was very professional."
Joaquin contacted CARPLS through the Cook County Early Resolution Program (ERP) because he is facing an eviction due to loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic. If evicted, Joaquin would become homeless. The CARPLS attorney advised him about being a "covered person" under the current eviction moratorium and giving notice to his landlord. CARPLS then referred Joaquin to a partner organization for further housing assistance. He said, "CARPLS and the attorney who helped me was awesome!"
Patrice called CARPLS because she is facing an eviction, back owed rent and other resulting problems. CARPLS gave her advice and a referral to a partner organization. She said, "I was well informed about my legal problem. I always find my best information by calling CARPLS. Also, I was told I can call back to get more legal assistance."

If you know someone who is facing an eviction or other legal issue related to COVID-19, refer them to COVID HELP Illinois for FREE legal help today.
New Leaf Illinois Featured on
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
Illinois’ groundbreaking model for
expungement as states legalize marijuana

As states across the country are legalizing marijuana, restorative justice measures are now written into Illinois law, including automatic expungement for low-level marijuana arrest records. Many people with Illinois cannabis records are being helped by this new law and program.
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New era domestic violence:
A contextualized legal overview of cyberstalking and harassment
By Dr. Ruth Schneider, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid

Like being trapped in a Black Mirror episode, a domestic violence victim who is cyber stalked and harassed exists in a virtual reality. The abuser seems omnipresent. Nonetheless, these surreal nightmares cause real hurt, real harm, and real damages. While the victim suffers severe emotional and financial harm, the law provides little to no justice. For an attorney representing this victim, a comprehensive response must be utilized that pieces together various areas of law, knowledge of technology, and an understanding of domestic violence.

Real People, Real Stories

Although faceless online interactions may seem virtual and simulated, the victims of cyber-attacks are real people.

After receiving unwanted emails and texts from strangers seeking sex with her, Dr. Holly Jacobs searched herself online and found over 300 websites containing nude photos of her. The photos originated from her long-distance relationship with a former boyfriend during which they shared with each other nude pictures of themselves with the understanding that the photos were for their eyes only. However, when the relationship ended, the online harassment began and even permeated her workplace. The harassment included anonymous calls to her Dean of Students that accused her of sleeping with her students, and even her part-time employer received an email with the nude photos. Her efforts to remove the photos from the sites were futile and most of the photos stayed online.
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