August 26, 2019
Fraud Alerts are back from Summer Vacation!
After a month and a half vacation, the Illinois SMP Fraud Alerts are back for the fall and winter months! We are back to our bi-weekly alerts each month.

While the Fraud Alerts have been on vacation, we know scammers do not take any vacations. The Illinois SMP has remained hard at work taking complaints of potential fraud.

If you or someone you know has experienced Medicare or health care fraud over the summer, do not hesitate to contact the Illinois SMP at AgeOptions at (800)699-9043.

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Social Security Scams are on the Uptick
Recently, there has been a rise in a popular scam which involves scammers calling Social Security beneficiaries warning them that their Social Security number has been compromised or their benefits are being suspended due to suspicious activity. These scammers are trying to prey on people's fears of getting their Social Security benefits cut off.

These calls are in fact scams! The government will not call you, threaten to take away benefits from any Social Security beneficiary or ask for money in exchange to protect their benefits or numbers.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has written an article about how these scams work and how you can protect yourself from falling for these scams as well. You can read the whole article here.

Remember, protect your Social Security number and all other personal information from scammers by not giving out any information over the phone to someone you do not know.
Genetic Testing Scams are now reaching all parts of the United States
Countless older Americans, including older Illinoisans, have been targeted in the ongoing genetic testing scams that use DNA tests to defraud Medicare and steal personal information. 

The Illinois Senior Medicare Patrol and our statewide network, has been on the forefront of educating beneficiaries about the danger of these unnecessary genetic tests at health fairs and senior centers.

Over summer vacation the Illinois SMP was asked to consult on an article about genetic testing scams for Kaiser Health News. The article was also featured in July 27th edition of USA Today. In the article, you will find local stories from beneficiaries and professionals in Illinois.

You can read the USA Today story here.
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Travis Trumitch
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