New additions to the toolkit include:

  • Illinois: Learning Doesn't Stop Twitter graphics
  • Moving from sprint to marathon thinking
  • Franczek law firm presentation on financial issues superintendents need to consider
Dear IASA member,

To help support superintendents during this unprecedented time, IASA has updated the Illinois Schools Step Up Toolkit with new resources and guidance. Just like the previous version, consider this toolkit a living document that we will continue to update as more resources and information become available and as the situation evolves.

If your district has created a resource that would be valuable to share with your peers, do not hesitate to email Jason Nevel at IASA .
Moving from sprint to marathon thinking
The IASA COVID-19 Swat Team has prepared a list of items school leaders should consider to help with future planning in the areas of short-term cash flow, staffing and benefits, contracts, travel, student registration, FY 21 budget preparation and the Census. Also, we want to share with you a presentation from Franczek law firm containing finance issues superintendents should consider.
Illinois: Learning Doesn't Stop Twitter Graphics
Also in Spanish
After you click "Get Image," you will need to save the image. For a desktop computer, right click over the graphic and click "Save Image As" to save to your computer. Once the image is saved, you will be able to add it to your tweet.
Virtual Meeting Platforms: Student Privacy Guidance and User Guides
Remote learning has forced schools to utilize virtual platforms, like Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet. To help leaders better understand how platforms comply with existing privacy laws, we created a spreadsheet. In, addition we compiled user guides from the various platforms into one place to help you get acclimated to the new programs, as well as added slides from a March 30 U.S. Department of Education webinar on FERPA and virtual learning during COVID-19.
Are you in search of social emotional learning/mental health resources or SEL professional development for teachers? Click Here for a list of resources.
Should you notify families if someone tests positive?
Read guidance from the IASA COVID-19 Swat Team about things to consider when debating whether not to notify families if a student or parent tests positive for COVID-19. Link also includes template letters for notification.
Proactive Leadership
As the mandated closure of schools progresses, there will likely be new challenges school leaders will have to confront. To help you navigate through this difficult time, the IASA COVID-19 Swat Team has assembled a checklist of questions to begin to think through, as well as resources to help guide leaders through this process.
Emergency Planning: Document and Podcast
As COVID-19 continues to spread and infect more residents across Illinois, schools will be asked to take on additional responsibilities to support their communities. The time has come for superintendents to think more about emergency planning. Read questions school leaders need to be asking now.
Need help finding resources to try to offer continuity of learning to students? Click Here for a list of online tools you can share with families.
Listen to an IASA Podcast to get tips about how school districts in Illinois are adapting to remote learning. Click Here to view IASA podcasts.
Essential staff letter
Here is a template letter to fill out and give to employees in your district confirming they work for the district and are essential staff and therefore are exempted from the stay-at-home order.
IASA COVID-19 Swat Team Reports
State of Illinois Coronavirus Response
The State of Illinois has created an official COVID-19 Coronavirus website with the most up-to-date information. The website also includes a FAQ for education.
COVID-19: Who to call; What does social distancing mean?
Here are two one pdf flyers created by the Illinois Department of Public Health that are easy to share on your school district's website and on social media.
Just looking for a template to send a message to families, students or community members? Smore has made templates available for free to educators to help communicate.  Click Here
If you are in need of overall guidance on how to handle communications related to COVID-19, the National School Public Relations Association has released a guide.  Click Here