We're so happy that long-time fire circle family member Mija Jolene will be heading up Family Camp this year.  All families with youth 10 years old and younger are encouraged to join.  More info soon!

We encourage you to invite kindred souls. The event is intimate, only 150 people, but not exclusive.
July 31- August 3, 2014 Tidewater Falls, OR

You're invited to join an exhilarating journey around the Sacred Fire in which we manifest our prayers and dreams through artful play! For those of you with tickets to this year's event and those of you on the verge, we have news to share. 


Sunday, May 18


Thank you to all the wonderful fire family that have already committed to join us this summer by purchasing your ticket.  For those of you who know you are coming, this is your last week to buy tickets for the early bird price.   We would love to get your names and your friend's names on the roster now as we all build intent for the upcoming experience!



Fire animation
What Happens in the Fire Circle?
by Jason Cohen


What happens during the all night fire circle ritual?


I've been asked to answer this question many times. And the first thing that always comes up for me is the meaning of the first line of the Tao te Ching: "The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao." It took years for me to describe well the inspiration that comes from our circles. It is not in reading words that one would come to understand all that happens in the space co-created, but it is in the process and effect of the shedding we do. It is in the attuning that occurs. It is in making the agreement that though we all come from different walks of life, and different ways and beliefs, that for our time together, we are open to trying this experiment of life force, will, faith, artfulness and service. 


Many of us have been moved by music, art and dance. Something happens when we "lose" our selves... (Continued)



Catering 2014! 


Once again, we will have amazing food lovingly prepared by JR Pierce and his devoted staff.  Based on feedback from last year, he has crafted an even more amazing experience to enjoy around the picnic tables.  

We will be providing a luscious array of local, farm-raised, and as much as possible, organic meals for your delight.  Brunch will get your taste buds going after arising from a restful sleep after creating magic and raising energy around the Fire Circle. Some items for brunch might include Chai spiced breakfast porridge, farm fresh eggs, and fresh fruit with toasted coconut.  Delectable dinner items over the course of the gathering we are contemplating:  Millet Fried Rice, hormone free farm raised Asian Pulled Pork, Deep Fried Tofu, Fresh Garden Salad with Toasted Almond, Kale Slaw and Ginger Chicken Stir Fry.

We will be cooking and serving with much love and consideration. We will be able to accommodate omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets.  If you have any other (severe) dietary restrictions we kindly ask that you are self-reliant (bring food in coolers with sufficient ice for the first day--we hope to have ice runs during the gathering). Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to accommodate special requests, ie. no night shades, no garlic, etc. For those who sign up in advance, we will be supplying a simple vegetable and rice meal for those who have severe dietary restrictions. Let us reiterate in order for us to plan the meals and make sure we are all fed we need you to order how you will be eating during the whole festival. We really look forward to nourishing you and feeding you with yummy delicious food. 

See you round the fire,
John Dwork
Peak Experience Productions