Thursday, June 20 , 2019
Imagination of Space

Opening Sunday, June 23, Noon to 5 PM at Governors Island Nolan Park 6B

Imagination of Space, presented by The Cooper Union for the Advancement  of Science and Art, organized and curated by Ceren Bingol,  is dedicated to the exploration and exhibition of projects in architecture, art,  poetry, sound and performance. A series of residencies and exhibitions  will feature professional and student artists, architects, poets and writers  creating and collaborating on immersive work that celebrates imagination in  space, ecology, form, light, sound and material. The project runs from June 1 through October 31, 2019. 
Phenomenology of Space
By The Cooper Union Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture Students

Exhibition June 1 through October 31, 2019 at Governors Island Nolan Park 6B

In an Advanced Concepts in Phenomenology of Space seminar taught by  Ceren Bingol, 10 architecture students, Juan Cardona, Claudia D'Auria,  Yoonsang Jo, Jisoo Kim, Jihoon Park, Karim Sabry, Jeremy Son, Maren  Speyer, Tracy Tan and Brandy Vazquez, explore the intersection of poetics  and architecture through a series of full scale installations and moveable  objects inside the house. The projects reimagine and activate the physical  constructed space and perceived emotional or metaphorical space, while  enabling a collaborative discourse between professional and student creatives,  and the public.
By Rebecca Ripple 

Exhibition June 22 through July 14, 2019 at Governors Island Nolan Park 6B

Descension is a collection of aerial views of clouds downloaded from the  Internet and transferred onto sand bags forming a circle or barricade. Sand  bags are tools for protection and isolation. They are used in war and natural  disasters by the military and civilians. It is an inversion of the art historical  depictions of the Assumption of Mary into heaven ("...having completed the
course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory." -  Pope Pius XII, 1950.) It is a perspective from a flying carpet... hovering and  giving an overview. The Internet is also a way of traveling to new lands and  experiencing without the bodily senses.

Rebecca Ripple (b. Huntington, New York) received her MFA from Yale University  in 1995. She has exhibited throughout the United States and in Italy, at venues  including Klowden Mann, the Los Angeles Museum of Art, Kristin Engle Gallery,  Rosamund Felsen Gallery and the Brewery Project in Los Angeles, the Armory  Center for the Arts in Pasadena, Tilt Gallery and Upfor Gallery in Portland, and  many others. Her work has been featured in Sculpture Magazine, and reviewed  in LA Weekly, Huffington Post, ArtScene, Artillery, Chicago Tribune, and American  Craft. Ripple has attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture,  received multiple awards including a C.O.L.A. (City of Los Angeles Individual  Fellowship) and a Nathan O. Freedman Endowment for Exceptional Creative  Accomplishments Award. Her work has been featured in Sculpture magazine and  reviewed in the Huffington Post, ArtScene, Artillery, and American Craft. She is  the Artist in Residence of Sculpture at Cranbrook Academy of Art.
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