August 2017

A newly published analysis of over 40,000 men in 50 countries finds a 50% to 60% sperm decline in men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.   Read more.
Dr. Miller About Corded Phones
Sierra Club Letter on SB 649

The American Academy of Pediatrics Cell Phone Recommendations Make Headlines 
Highlighting the expert symposium in Jackson, Dr. Davis is interviewed on the state of wireless radiation science and how the AAP is one of many medical organizations issuing advice about cell phones. 

Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone And Wireless Radiation As Carcinogenic To Humans
Dr. Anthony Miller, longtime World Health Organization advisor, updates opinion and presents new scientific evidence in his lecture in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

French Polynesia Enacts New Law and Launches Major Public Awareness Campaign
New legislation prohibits advertising of cell phones to children under 14, prohibits advertising cell phones without showing how to minimize exposure to the head, prohibits Wi-Fi in nursery schools and reduces exposures to workers.      

Penn State College of Medicine researchers share their new study that found addressing electromagnetic emissions from neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) equipment can improve health outcomes of preterm infants.

Jackson Hole News and Guide: Dr. Devra Davis on Air Quality
"The mountains capture the smoke," Dr. Davis is interviewed about air quality during fire season and makes recommendations for citizens. 

Physician Calls For Urgent Action To Protect Children: Cell Phones Violate Radiation Limits
The scientific lecture by Dr. Marc Arazi marks the first time European government test results of safety limit violations were presented at a US seminar.

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Monsanto and the EPA: Ghostwriting and Scientific Manipulation?  
Monsanto employee emails show efforts to marshal scientists concerning glyphosate, a herbicide, in documents released in cancer lawsuit. 


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