Tuesday, October 15th, 2019
Community Workshop #2 - A Snapshot
Our second community workshop continued to refine the Master Plan's Guiding Principles by:
  • beginning to define Crozet's "small town feel" including its architectural heritage and community,
  • identifying Crozet's important places and centers, and how they connect to their surrounding areas,
  • and developing a shared understanding of how to support opportunities for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to live and work in Crozet.

Much appreciation to all that participated!
What We Did: Conversations and Activities
Small Town Feel
Participants were asked "How do we define Crozet's 'small town feel?'"

Some themes we heard: knowing your neighbors, a safe place for kids, a variety of building types, walkability, shared-use paths, formal spaces (proposed Downtown Plaza) and community event spaces (Claudius Crozet Park).
Working in Crozet
Participants were asked "What jobs and businesses would you like to see in Crozet?"

Some themes we heard: we'd like to see jobs that pay a living wage, are in the tech and "green" sectors, and provide workforce development
Living in Crozet
Participants were asked "Are there types of housing that are missing in Crozet?"

Some themes we heard: we'd like to see more of these housing types - bungalow courts, live/work, accessory dwelling units, and fourplexes.
Centers & Connectivity
Participants were asked "Where are the places you want to be? How do you get there?"

Click on this link to visit the interactive Google Map that displays all of the responses from this activity.
Come Tour with Us!

Reserve your seats now for a driving tour around Crozet and conversations with your neighborhood planners.

The Character Tour  will focus on history and design in Crozet’s development, including neighborhoods in the Crozet Historic District and rural edges in the Greenwood-Afton Rural Historic District.

The Connectivity Tour  will focus on bike/pedestrian connectivity between Crozet's important centers and its neighborhoods.  

Tours will be on Saturday, 10/26, from 10AM-11:30AM. Both Crozet Connect and the Trolley will pickup and drop-off at The Square. Public parking for cars and bikes will be available there.