Getting Settled in Nicaragua
Today marks two weeks since we landed in Managua after leaving our house, family, and friends in North Carolina.  It has been a very smooth transition, and one in which we have seen God's faithfulness time and time again.  Our first week was spent in the home of our beloved Brother and Sister in law Chris and Krista Farrington's home.  They hosted us well, and I think Cobie enjoyed having his four cousins around more than anything else.  A week ago we made the transition to our own little casita on the front of the property where we have started to carve out a little nook for ourselves.

It's hard to believe that we have already had three visiting Church teams with 5 more to go before the end of the summer rush.  We started with The Capital Church NC, and have also said farewell to Mountain Lake Church GA, and just welcomed Bridgeway Community Church, CA.  The teams have been very active helping to make improvements to houses in the community of Los Brasiles, working with the children of our youth ministry, and enjoying a refreshing time with The Lord here on the Quinta Havilah property.  

Mountain Lake brings Coci Nica to Los Brasiles 
Last week we were able to provide 20 new stoves to women in Los Brasiles that typically have to use dangerous and ineffecient wood burning stoves.  A small nicaraguan business called Coci Nica has designed a clay brick stove that cuts down on 2/3 of the wood used to cook with, while providing a safe and economic option for the poor Nicaraguan communities.  The cost of each oven is 250 cordobas or 10 US dollars.  We are planning to subsidize the stoves in Los Brasiles in order to give everyone the opportunity to own their own Coci Nica stove eventually.  The first 20 were purchased and distributed to a test market in order to get the product out into the community.  We distributed these through a group of responsible women that we feel will do a great job helping to get the word out into Los Brasiles.  The stoves are actually very impressive and the women have already shared testimonies of how much money they are saving on the purchase of wood in their homes.  This project represents a small way that we can show the community how much we care about their living conditions and continue to use it as a way to share the Gospel.  Thank's to Coci Nica for coming and conducting a full scale demonstration to our women.  

Baptismal Service at Laguna de Xiloa

The most exciting opportunity of the first few weeks came just this morning when Chris Barber and I were able to participate in the Baptismal service of several of our community members in Los Brasiles, including a young man Josue who we have worked with in the past.  For several years there has been a small Church just up the street from our project that I have considered reaching out to work with.  After the earthquake a few months ago this Church was forced to vacate it's building due to being built directly over a fault line.  The effort to deconstruct and rebuild in the new barrio has commenced, and a local land owner donated a parcel of land for the Church to make it's home.  Josue an 18 year old boy that has been coming around our project for more than 5 years recently gave his life to Jesus and began attending the Church.  I have been honored to spend some time getting to know the pastor, and this week he invited me to give the message at a baptismal service.  We traveled to the Laguna of Xiloa where a small group gathered for an awesome time of worship and celebration.  



Los Brasiles Kids at Ruby Ranch
We had an awesome time taking the kids from Los Brasiles up to Ruby Ranch earlier this week.  They are always the most excited about going down the huge water slide that Brinson had built last year, but the electricity was off when we arrived so the kids were not able to rush up to the water slide.  Instead we decided to take a hike up to the cross at the top of the mountain.  When we arrived I asked one of our visitors to share a simple message with the kids and that I wanted to invite them to respond to the message.  Brandon did a great job sharing the Gospel with the children.  Afterwards I asked the kids if anyone wanted to pray to ask Jesus into their hearts.  We had 8 children give their lives to the Lord and we prayed together at the top of the mountain asking God to protect them and guide them in their new journey as Christians.  Sometimes in ministry we get so caught up in logistics, building projects, paying our staff salaries, raising monety etc. that we loose appreciation for the simple and powerful message of salvation. This week I have had the opportunity to witness and be reminded of what God first called me here to do.  Join me in celebrating these children and the life transforming event that recently took place in their lives.

May God Bless you and Keep You!
Imagine Ministry Strategic Initiatives in 2014

We would like for everyone to be informed of some of our goals in the coming year so that you can help us pray for these initiatives and if you are able support them financially.  

Imagine Ministry and Open Hearts are now working together as one ministry in the US as a 501 (c)3.  If you are interested in supporting our overall ministry which includes two youth clubs with feeding centers and after school tutoring programs as well as two rescue homes and Ruby Ranch Wilderness Camp you can contribute to general support or make a restricted donation to any of our individual projects.  

We will continue to provide direct oversight and financial support for the Los Brasiles Outreach Ministry which includes the feeding center, pre-school, and afterschool program.  The monthly expense of this ministry is $1785.00.  We will also take our first steps to build a core team for the Los Brasiles Church Plant!

This summer we will lead hundreds of people through our Discipleship through Missions - Short Term Mission Experience.  We pray that God will bring deliverance, salvation, and Spiritual formation through our service. 

Melissa and I are beginning our journey in full time ministry and would love to meet with you personally to share more about our vision for our family and ministry in Nicaragua.  If you are interested in supporting us in anyway you can make a fully tax deductible contribution to Imagine Ministry and send it to 1308 US Hwy 70W Garner NC, 27529.
Thank you and God Bless!

The Imagine Ministry

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