Imagine That...March 2021
From a tiny Acorn Fund, an Endowment can grow
Dear Imagine friends and family,

In order to better protect Imagine in the future, we have established an "Acorn Fund" at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. If the fund reaches $25,000 in five years, it will convert to an endowment, producing consistent revenues beyond our Regional Center funding and annual fundraising. We're very excited to have this off the ground. You will soon have information on planned giving to the endowment on our website.

For those who desire to contribute to insure the long term future of Imagine we offer the following.  Designating a legacy gift through your will or estate or contributing cash funds to the Imagine Endowment can provide a lasting gift that will support the Imagine family.  The endowment will provide care and support for individuals with developmental disabilities served by Imagine and will guarantee stability for Imagine into the future.  

Making a gift to Imagine through your will, trust, or other financial assets is a way of supporting Imagine past the mists at the end of the foreseeable.   Gifts can also be made using life insurance policies, work place matching gifts and IRA retirement plans.   Some of these types of gifts can limit tax liability that otherwise would be required.  Imagine has partnered with the Santa Cruz County Community Foundation to manage the fund.  

The Foundation manages a number of endowment funds for non-profits throughout the Santa Cruz County.  They have the knowledge and experience to assist Imagine in accepting gifts for the endowment and providing a safe and proven investment plan to provide long term growth.  The Foundation also has the ability to manage more complicated gifts such as real estate to address tax liabilities and maximize the gift potential.

To establish gifts through any of the categories above or other financial assets contact Imagine with your request.  You may need additional assistance with your financial planner or legal representative.
To make direct contributions please make checks payable to; The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.  Designate the "Imagine Supported Living Services Fund". Mail to;   Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, 7807 Soquel Dr., Aptos, Ca.  95003
Future editions of this newsletter will include portions of this notice more discretely placed.

-Submitted by Doug
HR Corner

While the vaccine is a step forward in managing the spread of COVID-19, we must all remember that it will not completely eradicate the disease. Many people will continue to be at risk, especially those that are unable to get the vaccine because of preexisting conditions. Because of this we must remember not to let our guard down at work or in public spaces in your personal life. We encourage the continued use of KN95 Masks while on shift, as well as social distancing, frequent handwashing and disinfecting of high touch surfaces. 

We would like to hear from you. We're interested in what you're seeing of what the person you serve is experiencing. We're interested in what you're experiencing. Please feel welcome to write to me, Julie or Doug to share your insight.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In Good Health, 

Patty Lopez 
HR Manager 
Imagine Supported Living Services 
831-464-8355 ext. 112
Cell: (831) 325-7760

COVID-19: Where we are
At present, there are no active cases among clients and all of our employees who have had confirmed cases are recovered. All but three of those we serve have now completed their vaccine series as have at least 60 of our employees and Family Home Providers.

This is a much much better situation that at the beginning of the month, and I really appreciate all everyone has done to make things better for all of us.

One thing that has become clear during January is that the "3 Ws" (Wear PPE, Watch your distance, Wash your hands regularly) are very effective in preventing the transmission of this disease. Whenever a client tests positive, we temporarily change protocols and upgrade PPE to minimize risk. Of the three clients who had COVID-19 during January, all were served 24/7 while they recovered and none transmitted the disease to their staff after their cases were confirmed.

As a result, we are currently asking all staff to wear N95, KN95 or surgical masks provided by Imagine on each shift and only once. Please maintain social distance to the degree possible while fully supporting the client. And please maintain high levels of hygiene on the job. 

-Submitted by Doug
Vaccination Program: What we're doing
Our final vaccination clinic will be March 18th, only for people who have received their first dose already. But if you missed the Imagine clinics and still want the vaccine, there are lots of ways to do that. San Andreas Regional Center will be hosting a vaccine clinic at some point in the second week of March, for Phase 1A and Phase 1B workers, which includes Imagine employees. Please let me know promptly if you will want to be included there. We do not yet know which vaccine will be offered.

You can also find information on getting the vaccine by appointment through other means here, on the Santa Cruz County Health Services Administration website.

Because the vaccine does not take effect immediately, it is necessary for newly vaccinated people to maintain a high level of care. The vaccine is not thought to help in any substantial way until about a week after the shot. Because we will not know whether fever, headaches, chills or muscle soreness following the vaccine are side effects of the shot or symptoms of COVID-19, we will quarantine staff who experience these and order a test for them. Please report your side effects to your Facilitators.

We have a weekly newsletter with COVID updates that goes out to our clients, staff and families (whose emails we have.) If you would like to receive that email and do not, please let Lili or me know. The next edition will come out tonight with more details about the vaccine clinic.

Science has shown that the vaccine we received has a very strong effect protecting the person who receives it from becoming sick after exposure to the Novel Coronavirus. It is not known yet whether people who receive the vaccine are also protected from spreading the virus after an exposure. As long as this remains unknown, those who receive the vaccine will be expected to follow the same guidelines as their peers. However, as that question is answered, Imagine may at a later point adjust our policies to eliminate, for example, the quarantine following non-essential travel or relaxing PPE requirements for people who take the vaccine. 

Through March 31, the emergency paid sick leave available to those who must quarantine due to COVID-like symptoms or to care for someone with COVID or symptoms is now optional. Imagine has opted to continue this program. The board has approved other assistance for people who exhaust their emergency paid sick leave so that you can all quarantine as necessary to protect your colleagues and peers.

-Submitted by Doug

This month, the Independent Facilitator Roundtable will be this coming Wednesday, March 3 at 11AM. If you would like to join the telemeeting, please email me.

Person-Centered Thinking
Re-emergence, reconnection
In late February, we began a process that will lead to person-centered plans for emerging from the pandemic. As another reminder in a newsletter full of this very reminder, we do not know when or how quickly we will start to move in the direction of the life we knew a year ago. But many of those we serve have gotten used to new rules, new habits and solitude. The lockdown was traumatic, and the end of it might be traumatic as well. Our goal is to make sure that those we serve have the right support as the pandemic recedes and life changes once more.

Over the next several months, Facilitators will be in touch with our clients, staff, families and friends to develop a plan that recognizes what each individual has been through and provides the right support to emerge.

-Submitted by Doug
Transparency At Imagine
Our next board meeting will be held April 14th, at 11:00. It will obviously be a telemeeting and you are welcome to join. Write to Lili if you'd like to attend. At the last meeting, the board discussed a continuation budget with new expenditures addressed individually.

We are still recruiting board members. We are working to diversify the board and to add a GAAP-trained treasurer. An attorney wouldn't be bad either.

-Submitted by Doug
Advocacy Corner
The state legislature has begun hearings on the Governor's budget. There are no cuts or increases to the Developmental Services budget anticipated but it will be worth watching to get a sense of how confident the state is in next year's budget, which might help us anticipate the budget for 2022-2023.

-Submitted by Doug
Appreciating Nneka... 
Nneka is a very hard working, caring person with her client and with the people who surround her. She is always willing to give a helping hand and is never afraid to tell you exactly how she feels. Nneka has worked for imagine since 2019 and is always going above and beyond for her client. In the short time that I have worked with Nneka I have grown to know that she is a trustworthy person and honest. Thank you for all you do!

-Submitted by Daniela
Spotlight on Chris...
Chris was one of many Imagine clients who received their 2nd vaccine dose last week. Vaccinated and very bored, Chris is ready to safely return to his job at Pizza My Heart in the next few weeks. Chris has become very good at wearing his mask correctly while he is out in public and will continue to take all necessary precautions when he goes back to work. Chris turned 50 during the lockdown and is still hoping to have a big celebration as we return to normal.

Keep up the good work, Chris!

-Submitted by Dan
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Staff Birthdays

Jessica B.
Janet E.
Alexa G.
Alexandra W.

Staff Anniversaries

Erik R. -- 2 Years!
Janet P. -- 4 Years!
Dafne -- 4 Years!
Jessica -- 1 Year!
Brenda -- 1 Year!
Daisy -- 1 Year!
Robert -- 1 Year!