Dear Friend:
I like to think of myself as a pretty imaginative guy. In my prior career I spent years imagining the inner workings of the atomic nucleus and today I spend my days imagining new ways to connect people to science. But I realize that whatever power of imagination I have pales in comparison to what I see every day from kids who visit the science center.
When I was first introduced to computer coding I was using that code to draw a circle on a screen. Today, we have students in our summer camp learning code by programming gaming worlds.
Where I spent my summers looking at pond water under a 20 power microscope, kids in our galleries are extracting DNA.
Back when I was a kid, my imagination was set on fire by the first pictures of the surface of Mercury ... today we get to fire kids' imaginations with the discovery of possibly habitable planets orbiting around distant stars.
Every day I get to go out onto our exhibit floor and see these moments where our future begins. It is a future where these kids will be bringing to light new revelations about how the human brain works. A future where they will transform today's $100M personalized medicine initiative into a kit you can pick up at CVS. A future where we will not only identify planets around distant stars but make the first plans to visit.
This is incredibly exciting to me, this unimaginable future. I can't wait to see what they will show us about how the world works and how they will use that to transform our lives. I can't wait to live in the world they will create.
And I imagine that if you have read this far you share my excitement. So this summer I invite you to join me in stepping beyond our imagined lives and into their imagined future...

Warm regards,

Steve Snyder, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

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Opening at the Fleet Science Center  on
July 1, 2017

We can all name our favorite musicians, film directors and artists ... but who are the great game designers-the Game Masters? Video game design has become the focus of some of the most creative minds in the world.  Game Masters: The Exhibition  showcases the work of the world's leading international game designers (including local game design company The Behemoth), who have created some of the most ground-breaking games ever produced.
Game Masters: The Exhibition  showcases the world's best video game designers, from the arcade era to today's console and mobile games. Featuring 100+ playable games, Game Masters takes visitors behind the scenes of how video games are made as well as spotlighting the people who actually make them. The work of more than 30 designers is explored through rare concept artwork, newly commissioned interviews and interactive digital displays. The exhibition makes its California premiere at the Fleet Science Center and is open July 1, 2017-January 15, 2018  


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