ʻImi Naʻauao
August 2020

The Hawaii Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (HASCD) is committed to giving back to Hawaii educators by providing and sharing online professional development opportunities and resources during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are happy to share our newsletter - 'Imi Na'auao.
This special issue of Educational Leadership was designed to provide guidance and spark reflection, discussion, and problem-solving on these issues. Bringing together a range of expert educator voices, the issue spotlights technological, infrastructural, and instructional best practices for remote learning in difficult circumstances. At the same time, it explores the social-emotional, cognitive, and resource challenges that many students and families are facing today, in effect providing a whole-child lens on distance-learning practices.
Research on previous disasters shows that teachers are the trusted adults for students in distress.
Consider this to-do list for educators as they embark upon the most daunting back to school event in decades.
As crises persist and schooling formats shift, educators must be intentional about helping students adapt and build resilience.
Racist mascots make indigenous students feel embarrassed and unwelcomed. Changing them must be a priority for schools.
The Jennings School District was once one of the lowest performing school systems in the state of Missouri, but it experienced a remarkable turnaround. Superintendent, Tiffany Anderson, executed a district-wide overhaul of teaching and learning that raised student performance to levels that exceeded all expectations. This video focuses on how removing barriers to learning contributed to their success.  
Looking for more information on remote learning? Jensen is proud to share resources from his friend Eric Sheninger (@e_sheninger), Associate Partner at the International Center for Leadership in Education, as he shares his 5 keys for successful remote learning.

For more information visit www.ericsheninger.com
Throughout the month of August and September, ICLE is also providing educators FREE webinars focused on distance learning, leadership and assessment.

Visit https://leadered.com/webinars-fall2020/ to register for other sessions or view recorded session posted after the live date.
Hawaii ASCD is proud to be a community partner with Hawaii Distance Learning Forum. Ashley Mika Ito, a teacher at Kanoelani Elementary, created the online community for Hawaii teachers to help and support each other through sharing experiences, conversations and relationship building.
Check out their website at: https://hidistancelearning.org
Hawaii ASCD is here to support Hawaii educators! How can we help you?

During this time we have seen educators work tirelessly to support students. My sincere appreciation goes out to school administrators who continue to make tough decisions daily, adjust to frequent changes and plan as best as they can with the importance of safety in mind for their school. As we continue to face these uncertain times, we must all work together to support our students, colleagues, families and community. We will get though this, and in the end be even stronger together.

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” - Walt Disney

Sincerely yours,
President, Hawaii ASCD
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