Somatic Expression ®  with Jamie McHugh
Body Wisdom for Modern Times
Stillness (2020)

Become breathing rock
Pause, center and stabilize in the midst of movement
Immanent becoming, settling in place,
Nature being breath becoming
Attentive to what is most generously revealed
Become the movement of stillness exhaling silence.

Dear Friends,
As the pandemic drags on, we are all required to live our lives in ways that unfortunately don't necessarily reflect what we want or need to do. An agitated discomfort continues to wreak its havoc on both individuals and the larger collective body incrementally, with rates of reported depression and anxiety increasing daily. As we know, there are no quick fixes for all of this on the horizon; our well-being depends on hunkering down for the long haul and tending to our gardens, both literally and metaphorically.

What gives you solace? What gives you grace? What revives your spirit and inspires you to act in positive ways despite all that is happening within and without?

I am very grateful to be able to show up each week to my online groups and share regenerative somatic resources and creative explorations. In this sanctuary of consistent practice, we are able to take time out, be with ourselves amidst others virtually, journey in our interior spaces together, and then surface to share experience. It is a 21st Century version of a healing circle, a meditation sangha, and a community klatch all rolled up together!

In this time where we need to stay awake and be involved with what is happening in society, we also need to know our limits for bearing witness to the unbearable. I have been giving myself an "art in nature" day weekly to let the wilds wash out my psyche with aliveness and space, and to focus my camera's eye on the ever-changing beauty of nature.

My latest choreographed compilation of these images, entitled Immanent Becoming | Being Nature with music from Jim Cole and Spectral Voices, is a 22 minute journey for reviving with beauty. The process of creating these videos, one image gradually dissolving into the next, allows me to focus outward and settle inwards at the same time, and I enjoy freely sharing these videos to support your regenerative process as well. (Click the image at the bottom of this email)

Somatic indwelling, aesthetic outpouring, nature and nurture, Zoom community, and beloveds are my answers to the above questions for now. I hope you are safe, well, and nurturing your nature in as many creative and life-affirming ways as are possible for you in your current situation.


PS: A shout-out to Adriana Marchione, Dianne Griffin and Shelley Richanbach for their upcoming Inspiration Series August 7-21. This remarkable team are finishing up production on their labor of love The Creative High: Artist Stories of Addiction and Recovery and are welcoming you into their dialogue about art, creativity, and connection in recovery. Details can be found HERE


The community continues to support me as I support the community with these online sessions; join us for another round of free and pay what you can classes.

The Power of the Pause: Breathing Room

August 8 or 22 9:30-10:30am Pacific Time

These free hour-long gatherings will consist of a 5-minute introduction, a 45-minute experience with a primary focus on 360 degree breathing and individual variations, and 10 minutes for reflection.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Thinking Body, Sensing Mind

Series J) August 10-September 2: 4 Weeks, Mondays & Wednesdays 10-11am Pacific Time

Series K) August 10-September 2: 4 Weeks, Mondays & Wednesdays 4-5pm Pacific Time

A series designed to create a restorative break by giving spacious attention to our bodies in movement and stillness. With so much anxiety and uncertainty in the world, the return to the breathing body in the company of others is a welcome oasis of calm and a soulful sanctuary of artful exploration.   All sessions are recorded for participant downloading and playback

Somatica Poetica



In these series, guided somatic explorations are followed by writing and embodied reading to harvest what has surfaced in the preverbal realm. Open to those with experience in somatic-expressive work / pay what you can. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER