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Please help protect Passport to the Parks
Contact your Legislators ASAP this Week
With less than two weeks left in the legislative session, Legislators are working to craft a State Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21. Included in their deliberations are proposals which would divert funds and carve out exemptions from the Passport to the Parks Program.

Background: Enacted in late 2017, the Passport program generates dedicated revenues to support the operation and maintenance of State Parks, Forests and Wildlife Management Areas. Supported through a $5 per year DMV registration charge on all non-commercial vehicles, the Passport program provides Connecticut residents access to all State Parks for free, while helping to restore and support park services such as campgrounds, lifeguards and hours of operation at certain parks and nature centers. 

No Diversions! No Exemptions!

Budget proposals under consideration would: (1) raid $300,000 of the Passport funds for non-park purposes; and (2) exempt certain groups from paying the $5/year fee to DMV.

CLCC strongly opposes these proposals which could take 50% or more of the Passport funding away from its dedicated purposes, and also open the door to requests for exemptions from other user groups.
Please contact your State Legislators ASAP with a simple message:
Protect the Passport to the Parks!

Sample email for you to Personalize
courtesy of the CT Forest & Park Association
Please bcc me at

Dear State Senator ____________ or State Representative _____________,

My name is ______________, I live in ____________, and I am your constituent.

I write to ask you to  oppose all proposals to divert funding from the Passport to the Parks to non-park purposes, or create exemptions . Please keep the Passport to the Parks intact in the FY 20-21 State Budget!

The Passport program is doing what it was designed to do – keep State Parks well-maintained and safe to attract visitors, revenues, and jobs to Connecticut.

Any exemptions that allow certain groups to avoid the DMV registration charge of only $5/year per vehicle would be unwise, unfair, and would invite more exemptions in the future. State Parks generate revenues that benefit all Connecticut residents even if they never visit them personally, so it’s fair that we all contribute to their well-being.

The Passport supports better maintained parks and free entry at the gates for all Connecticut residents. That is a great value for Connecticut, so please keep the Passport intact in the FY 20-21 state budget with no diversions and no exemptions.

Thank you for your consideration,
-Your name + Town
State Parks are Worth the Investment

One of the state’s top tourism destinations, Connecticut State Parks are worth the investment -- attracting approximately 9 million visitors every year; generating over $1 billion annually for the state’s economy; and supporting over 9,000 private sector jobs.

Thank you for contacting your legislators asking that they leave the fee structure for this dedicated source of revenue intact.

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