Dear MHS Students & Parents/Guardians,

Hello from the Health and Wellness Center! While the pandemic continues to complicate our lives, we are looking forward to being together as a community.

I write to share important updates about health and safety — our number one concern — as we prepare for student arrivals in a few short weeks. Please be sure to read this letter fully and download and complete this vaccine information form and email it to

Your student will not receive roommate or dorm assignments, or be able to arrive on campus, until you have provided this information.

Health & Medical Records
If you have not completed your student’s health and medical information via SchoolDoc, we urge you to do so as soon as possible. As a reminder, no student will be allowed to participate in any sports or leadership activities, begin classes, or join any other school activity until all information is completed and uploaded to the student’s SchoolDoc account.

Health Insurance
All MHS students are required to have an active medical insurance policy that covers the cost of medical services provided by practitioners while under school care. International students in need of coverage can enroll in insurance from Clifford Allen. For enrollment instructions, select the “Insurance” tab in your SchoolDoc account and follow the instructions. Proof of insurance must be received by the Health and Wellness Center before students can move into their dorm rooms or participate in school activities.

COVID-19 Vaccination
MHS strongly encourages all students to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Research clearly shows that widespread vaccination is the best way to achieve “herd immunity” and to ensure the health and safety of our community. Vaccinated students must submit proof of vaccination in the form of a copy of their CDC COVID-19 vaccination card or immunization record from a medical provider. Please upload this documentation to the “Immunizations” tab of your SchoolDoc account or submit it via email to  

For students who have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated, we will facilitate vaccination after their arrival on campus. Students who remain unvaccinated may not be able to participate fully in athletics, weekend activities, Horizons, and all-school events.

Further, because knowledge about the virus is constantly evolving, MHS may require students to be vaccinated, should public health guidance necessitate this in the future.

Arrival Procedures
As a reminder, students traveling internationally may arrive on campus as early as August 26. Returning students should plan to arrive on September 3, and new students should arrive on September 4. If your boarding student is unvaccinated, we encourage you to schedule their arrival no later than September 1, so they have time to complete quarantine prior to the first day of classes on September 9. If your student will be delayed due to reasons outside your control, we will do our best to accommodate.

Due to the surge of the Delta variant and the prevalence of breakthrough cases, all boarding students — regardless of vaccination status — are required to provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before arriving on campus. 

Unvaccinated boarding students will be required to quarantine on campus for 5 to 7 days, until receiving a negative test result from in-room testing.

Health Screening & Testing 
MHS will continue the practice started last year of daily health screenings using the MyMedBot application, which is accessible by phone or tablet. Boarding and day students must complete a simple health screening each morning before beginning their day, in order to ensure the health of our community. Students experiencing symptoms will follow up with a nurse in the Health and Wellness Center. We will also continue our practice of weekly monitoring testing. Unvaccinated students will be tested weekly, along with random sample testing of other students and adults.

Please feel free to contact me by email at or by telephone at 413-395-7073 with any questions, and please refer to our Common Good Guidelines for more on our community’s agreement to keep Miss Hall’s School a healthy and safe place for all.


Kristen Milano
Director of Health & Wellness
Contacts and Resources
Lisa Alberti, Dean of Academics and Faculty, 413-395-7108

Paula Lima Jones, Dean of Equity and Inclusion, 413-395-7117

Cherèva McClellan, Dean of Students, 413-395-7015

Christie Higuera, Director of Residential Life & Student Leadership Coordinator, 413-395-7016

Kristen Milano, Director of Health and Wellness, 413-395-7073

Sarah Virden, Director of Academic Counseling, 413-395-7018