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The Rotary Head Speed Clamp? is a specialty tool used for a consistent, efficient, and safe removal and installation of the RCD rotating head.  


View this 4 minute video to witness the advantages of efficiency and safety the Rotary Head Speed Clamp can deliver to your company. This is an eye opening view of what rig operation personnel have typically performed out of view due to the inefficiencies and safety hazards involved. The conventional and ineffective method of element removal has indirectly promoted the reluctance to replace, and consequent allowance of excessive wear and high potential for catastrophic failure. The Rotary Head Speed Clamp utilizes mechanical means and the associated SOP to remove this hesitancy for proper element replacement. The time efficiencies alone exceed the rental cost of the unit.

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Side By Side Comparison Video
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No cost demonstrations are avaialble for qualifying participants during this introductary period.


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