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August 2014
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Immigration to NZ under Investor Categories
UK Public Sector Pensions
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"Stephan, I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the excellent job you did for me in dealing with my sister-in-law's partnership application form to Immigration NZ. You handled the case very professionally and promptly and worked very hard to ensure that the application was successful. You have an excellent attitude towards your clients, making them feel comfortable and welcome. We appreciated your reassurance during this stressful time for our family. You are a great person and we really appreciate having such an empathetic person who treated us as valuable people from a different nationality. Once again, thank you very much."




"I was recommended to Laurent Law by a colleague / friend in August 2013 when I was having issues with my WV immigration application and my current immigration agent weren't able to help much.  Meeting Simon, he had given me great input about my case and how he and Samuel Ames were going to approach my case. Basically, I get a great deal of two expert helping me on this matter. They manage to have my case sorted in a month time which was a great relief to me that time. This year my WV is due for renewal, as always when dealing with these situation there is so much uncertainty involved, I have reappointed Sam from Laurent Law to have my application sorted, although this time the process took a fair bit longer but he had always been helpful, gave me confidence that he look after my case well and his great attention to details.  Sam had given me great advice during & after the process of my application.  I was so delighted when my application was approved again.  I am really looking forward for my residency and future in NZ now!"





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Every day we solve immigration issues created by the rules around New Zealand visas, and also by the way that those rules are used against people by Immigration NZ. What seems like "simple" visa applications are becoming more complicated all the time. We have highlighted some common issues in our law firm blog, and invite you to take a look.  
In order to keep ahead of the game, I am this year's Chair of the Auckland Law Society Immigration Committee and Vice-Chair of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment. I have been giving seminars for the Law Society and NZAMI, and some of these can be found here. 
LaurentLaw has grown over the last couple of years. Bill Milnes joins us as Senior Consultant. Bill previously ran his own well-known and respected firm, Access Immigration - visit the website below.

Bill brings specialist knowledge of business visas, investor visas and getting Work Visas for corporate employees - thus significantly broadening the range of our services.  He has more than 20 years of experience and success as an immigration advisor. People tell us that we make a formidable combination.
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Immigration to NZ under Investor Categories


Migrant Investor Policy


Under the MIP policy, investors may apply for immigration to New Zealand under two tiers: 

  • Category 1 Investors - the top priority category for high value investors investing $10 million for 3 years and which requires minimal policy conditions and facilitated, fast-track processing.


  • Category 2 Investors - a category for those investing a minimum of $1.5 million for 4 years. 

In this newsletter, we review the Investor 1 category


The different criteria are:  



Migrant Investment Policy - Category 1 Investors


Policy Summary


All applicants for immigration to New Zealand must meet health and character criteria


  1. Requires NZD 10 million investment to be made in an acceptable investment.  Excludes personal homes and assets.
  2. Funds must be unencumbered at source, but may be borrowed against nominated assets if it is not economically viable or practical to liquidate the assets, eg. sell a business.
  3. Term of investment is 3 years
  4. Interest/return on investments is available to the applicants to use as they wish
  5. The minimum time required in NZ - at least 20% (73 days) in each of the 2nd and 3rd years.

The Process:


  1. Your application is prepared and supported by a comprehensive paper-trail of the source of funds that have been accumulated through legitimate activities of the principal applicant and/or spouse. If gifted or inherited, evidence will be required of the legitimate activities of the gifter.
  2. Residence application lodged and priority processed by Immigration New Zealand
  3. Residence 'Approved in Principle', subject to Section 49 (i) requirements that the funds be transferred to NZ through a recognised banking or Forex system and invested within 12 months.  A further 12 months may be granted on request
  4. The 3 years minimum term of investment starts at the later of the grant of residence or the transfer of funds subsequent to the residence approval.  A Resident's Visa with travel conditions will be granted for 2 years.  At that time, evidence must be provided that the investment has been maintained in accordance with policy.
  5. On application, a further 1 or 2 year travel conditions may then be issued.
  6. Once the investment term has been met and s49 requirements have been lifted the applicant may apply for a Permanent Resident's Visa (PRV). The PRV allows unrestricted travel to and from NZ for the life of the applicant.  It does need to be replaced when a passport is renewed.
  7. The Investor must spend at least 44 days in NZ in years 2 & 3.  We advise at least 80 days in case of travel disruptions. 
  8. Spouse and dependent children are granted the same PRV term as the principal applicant, but do not have to meet the residence requirements
  9. Exceptions to the above may be considered by the Minister of Immigration, if additional 'benefits to NZ' can be identified


UK Public Sector Pensions



We have been advised of considerable changes to the UK pension schemes which could affect retirees planning to use their pensions in support of their immigration to NZ. For information go to UK Pensions





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