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November 2015
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Working Towards Residence
Verification of New Zealand Official Documents
Online Visa Applications
Online Vacancies - September 2015 Report
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 " This is my pleasure to write this letter as a thank you so much to Bill Milnes and the team from Laurent Law. I was recommended to Bill by a colleague in October 2012 when I was having issue with my work visa application. I was advised in everything, even if it's a minor change...because of his excellent experience, knowledge and professionalism, I finally got talent visa in March 2013...Thanks for all of your hard work, I will honestly recommend service of Laurent Law to my colleagues, friends and family that need immigration service in New Zealand."

Andi Family

" I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Team at Laurent Law for the services provided to our company Lamson NZ Ltd. You were recommended to us by someone who had used you before and I was not disappointed. The efficiency and professional way your team processed an urgent application for a work visa which was required for David. It was lodged online on the Friday our time and approved by London their time...We were delighted with waht you were able to achieve and would definitely recommend your company to anyone who requires your services."




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This, our Corporate newsletter provides information about immigration which we consider to be relevant to Corporates and Employers. We also produce a separate 'business' newsletter focusing on entrepreneurs and investors, and a 'migrant' newsletter offering advice to prospective and recent migrants to NZ.  
This newsletter concentrates on the 'Labour Market' from both an employer and Immigration perspectives. This issue covers:
  • Job Offers and employees - Working towards Residence
  • Verification of NZ documents including Birth Certificates, Passports, Driver Licences etc.
  • Online immigration applications
  • Online Job Vacancies
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Working Towards Residence
Employers may find prospective migrant employees applying for relatively low paid and low skilled positions, which they hope will 'get them a foot in the door'.  This is particularly so with young students who have completed their qualification and are seeking employment which will qualify for a work visa.  There is nothing wrong with this, but employers should be aware that although the stated aim is to get a work visa, the long-term intention of the applicant is frequently to seek residence.

The criteria for an offer of employment for residence purposes are substantially different from those required for a work visa.  In brief, to support an application for a  work visa , the employer has to show evidence that there are  no NZers available , who could with reasonable training, fill the position. This requires close consideration of the various employment documents for consistency and validity and usually involves advertising the position.

An offer of employment to support an application for  residence must identify that the position is
skilled, in line with the criteria and tasks identified in ANZSCO.  This is a 900 page classification of occupations in Australia and NZ.  Although ANZSCO is only partially relevant to many positions, it is the only publication available. INZ refer to it in detail when considering immigration applications and they can be brutal in declining applications where they cannot readily identify that the Position Description is very closely aligned to the ANZSCO description of the role.

This area of immigration assistance is difficult to get right and too easy to get wrong, with what can be disastrous results, for your employee and his/her family.

If you have people who may be in this situation of hoping their job will be suitable for residence, we suggest you contact us for advice and perhaps clarification of what is involved.

Verification of New Zealand Official Documents

The Department of Internal Affairs has published a Document Verification Guide, with the objective of helping organisations to quickly and accurately verify the authenticity of a number of common New Zealand documents. The Guide identifies the security features of documents such as New Zealand birth and marriage certificates, passports, citizenship certificates, driver licences and others.  Find it at:
One can also register to be provided with regular updates by emailing  

Online Visa Applications

Most work, visitor and student applications can now be submitted online with some very real advantages including:
  1. Prioritised processing with decisions being made within hours in some branches
  2. No need to work through the various 'visa acceptance centres' except for providing passport
  3. Applicants from visa-free countries do not need to send their passports to INZ, their visa is issued in the form of an emailed letter
  4. Online application fees will be lower, once the new INZ fee schedule takes effect in December
The disadvantages are:

  1. Whoever is submitting the application must have a NZ Government 'Real-Me' ID and login
  2. The data entry and uploading of documents is time consuming
  3. Not all the online questions are in the paper form so some back and forth in emails is likely
Perhaps because of the disadvantages, uptake by immigration advisers seems to be slow, but we have been using the online system since it was set up and our clients have enjoyed the speed of decision making and not being without a passport for what may otherwise be several weeks.

Online Vacancies - September 2015 Report
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has released its September Jobs Online report today.

The monthly report measures changes in job vacancies advertised on the two main internet job boards - Seek and Trade Me Jobs.
Findings from the latest report show that 
  • Online job vacancies increased in September.
  • Skilled vacancies increased in four out of eight industry groups.
  • Skilled vacancies grew in six out of eight occupation groups.
  • Skilled vacancies increased in eight out of ten regions over the past month.
  • The report also identifies the fastest growing occupations.

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