March 2020


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A call from
Catholic Legal Immigration Network

Speak Up to Condemn  the Administration's Plans 
to Terrorize Local Communities!
On Friday, Feb. 14,  news  broke that the administration will deploy 100 Border Patrol officers to our communities to assist ICE officers in carrying out enforcement actions. The officers are from the Border Patrol Tactical Unit, or  BORTAC , which acts as a SWAT team for Border Patrol. They are trained to respond to high-risk situations.
Reports  indicate that tactical border agents have deployed to Boston, with  plans  to deploy to more communities in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Newark, New Jersey, New York, and San Francisco from February through May. 
Dispatching Border Patrol agents that are trained specifically for extremely violent situations into densely populated, residential areas would only terrorize communities and weaken public safety. We condemn this effort to instill fear among immigrants. This is another attempt to bully local officials into advancing an anti-immigrant agenda.
Contact Dept. of Homeland Security  and ask them to withdraw this plan.

 Prayer for Refugees
God of grace,
Watch over all refugees
Embrace them in the pain
Of their partings.
Into their fear and loss, send love.
Open our eyes that we might
see You in them.
Open our hearts that they might
See You in us.
Open our arms that we might
Welcome refugees to new homes.
As You stretched out Your arms
And invited everyone home.
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