In the current issue of the OncoWuXi Newsletter, we would like to share with you the update on immune checkpoint knockin humanized mouse tumor models and immune avatar humanized mouse tumor models. Other interesting topics covered in this issue include updates on BTK and BET targeted in vivo models.

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(1)   Overview of WuXi immune-oncology in vivo models
(2)   Immune checkpoint humanized mouse models
  • Human PD-1 knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38 and MC38-huPD-L1 models, validated with Opdivo, Keytruda and Tecentriq
  • Human PD-1 knockin Balb/c mouse CT-26 model, validated with Keytruda and Opdivo
  • Human CTLA-4 knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38 model, validated with Yervoy
  • Human CTLA-4 knockin Balb/c mouse CT-26 model, validated with Yervoy
  • Human OX-40 knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38 model, validated with MOXR0916 human OX-40 antibody analog
  • Human TIM-3 knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38 model, validated with hTIM-3 antibody
  • Human GITR knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38 model, validated with TRX-518 and FPA-154 human GITR antibodies
  • Human PD-1/PD-L1 double knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38-huPD-L1 model, validated with human PD-1 and PD-L1 antibodies
  • Human PD-1/GITR double knockin Balb/c mouse Colon26 model, validated with human PD-1 and GITR antibodies
  • Human PD-1/CTLA-4 double knockin C57BL/6 mouse MC38 model, validated with Yervoy and Opdivo
  • Human Lag-3 knockin C57BL/6 mouse

Immune Avatar Humanized Models

(1)   PBMC humanized model: systemic delivery or co-inoculation of human PBMC with tumor cells
  • Assessment of human leucocytes engraftment, human T cell function, baseline growth curves of xenograft models, tumor infiltrated human leucocytes
  • Case studies of human PD-1 antibody on PBMC humanized tumor models
  • 25 systemic models and 26 co-inoculation models covering different cancer types were established
(2)   HSC humanized model

Targeted Oncology

(1)   Background of BTK as drug target
  • BTK biology
  • Summary of BTK inhibitors
(2)   BTK targeted CDX models
  • REC-1, Mino mantle cell lymphoma CDX models, SU-DHL-6, and SU-DHL-10 DLBCL CDX models, validated with ibrutinib
(3)   BTK targeted PDX models
  • Tens of DLBCL PDX models are available, 3 of them were validated with ibrutinib treatment

BET Targeted In Vivo Models

(1)   Background of BET as drug target
  • BET biology
  • Summary of BET inhibitors
(2)   BET related CDX models
  • PC-3 prostate cancer, MDA-MB-231 breast cancer CDX models, validated with MK-8628 or BMS-986158
  • ES-2 ovary cancer, NCI-H526 SCLC CDX models, validated with BMS-986158
  • Kasumi-1 and MV4-11 leukemia CDX models, validated with CPI0610 or AZD5153
(3)   BET related PDX models
  • BR-05-0020 breast cancer PDX model, validated with JQ1

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