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June 2020

WithinReach stands in solidarity with Black communities, leaders and organizations in response to injustice and actions to end police violence.

We acknowledge and are outraged by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and the deaths of many other Black lives lost to the ongoing racial oppression in our country. The blatant structural racism and injustice ingrained into our nation’s history and way of life are undeniable. 

At WithinReach, we care deeply about removing the inequities that Black families, children and communities face. We remain committed to racial equity, and we encourage you to stand with us. Until Black lives are valued and all systems are held accountable for equity and justice, we fail.

Our June newsletter includes COVID-19 specific anti-stigma resources, information on keeping our communities protected from diseases that vaccines prevent, ways you can actively engage your community around immunizations and additional resources from our community partners.

Please save July 29 for the next IACW meeting; details will be provided shortly.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay vaccinated!

In solidarity,
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Vaccinated!
In partnership with the WA State Department of Health and the WA State Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, we’ve developed and launched a campaign urging families to continue vaccinating their children during COVID-19 called Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Vaccinated! In addition to flyers   translated into 5 languages, we’ve created a social media toolkit   with images and messaging you can use on your own social media communications channels. Learn more
We know that the current situation with COVID-19 is unnerving and challenging. WithinReach remains committed to the health of families in Washington and is working to ensure you get access to the resources you need. You can reach us by calling our Help Me Grow Washington Hotline at 1-800-322-2588, or online at  ParentHelp123.org .
Community Resources 
OSPI School Health Services Position
The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction  School Health Services Consultant position is posted. Please share far and wide to help them recruit for this position.  Learn more

Free or Low Cost Open Access COVID-19 Testing Locations
The following locations provide free or low cost COVID-19 testing – regardless of immigration or insurance status. They are open to anyone who cannot access a COVID-19 test through their regular healthcare provider. Most sites are non-profit Community Health Centers.   Learn more
What's Up Doc?
Pierce County Immunization Coalition presents the annual What's Up Doc? provider educational webinar:
Getting to Yes: Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy 
June 25, 2020 from Noon-1:30 p.m. (PDT)

Topics include:
  • Strategies to address vaccine hesitant parents
  • Provider tools and patient educational materials for vaccine hesitancy
  • Review of new immunization school rules
  • Elias Kass, ND - 2017 CDC Vaccine Champion, Naturopathic Physician & former Licensed Midwife
  • Brooke Fotheringham - artist, parent and founder of Parents Who Actually Science Facebook group
COVID-19 & Anti-Stigma
Virus don't discriminate and neither should we.
Misinformation about coronavirus can create fear and hostility that hurts people and makes it harder to keep everyone healthy. We’re stronger as a community when we stand together against discrimination. These resources help prevent, interrupt and respond to stigma . Learn more
Social Stigma Associated with COVID-19
This guide for preventing and addressing social stigma associated with the coronavirus is intended to support governments, media and local organizations. The guide was produced by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) . Learn more
Stigma Reduction
Misinformation or wrong information about coronavirus creates fear and bad actions that hurt people and make it harder to keep everyone healthy. Visit thi s guide about preventing and addressing social stigma . Learn more
Standing For Justice As We Keep Our Community Safe From Spread of COVID-19
Public Health – Seattle & King County   shares perspectives   from local leadership about George Floyd’s tragic death, yet one more in an endless string of violence perpetrated against Black people in our country, and answeres questions about participating in protests while reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Learn more

Upcoming Webinars
Texas Perinatal Hepatitis B Virtual Summit
June 25, 2020 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. CT
This prevention program works alongside public and private healthcare providers and coalitions to prevent perinatal hepatitis B transmission. The program assists with and provides surveillance, case management, promotion of the universal birth dose, and collaboration between local health departments, providers and labs.

Topics include:
  • Perinatal Hepatitis Nation Perspective
  • Texas Case Management Specific Sessions
  • Strategies to Improve PHBPP

Virtual Town Hall - The Impact of COVID-19 on Immunization Services: Experts in Public Health & Primary Care Respond from the Field
June 10, 2020 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. MT
At this virtual meeting town hall, presenters will discuss:
  • An overview of COVID-19 and public health and clinical considerations
  • Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on immunization services, including the impact on public health capacity and resources
  • Interim guidelines for immunization and strategies for immunization outreach and messaging
  • Considerations for providing primary care services during the pandemic, implementing new routine vaccination guidelines in office settings, and communicating with parents

COVID-19: Maintaining Child Vaccination Rates During a Pandemic
June 22, 2020 11:00 a.m. PT
As federal guidance and new data emerge related to childhood vaccination coverage, states have also taken action to gather data and reverse the trend of decreased immunization against vaccine-preventable disease. We invite you to join NCSL for a discussion with national experts about the implications of decreased rates of childhood vaccination during the COVID-19 era.

Vaccine Reminder- New School Requirements and COVID-19 Impact on Vaccination
June 16, 2020 7:00-8:00 a.m. PT
Learn updated information on immunization
requirements for fall attendance in Washington schools
and licensed childcare facilities and ways healthcare
practitioners can reduce the impact of the COVID-19
pandemic on vaccination practices.

Annika Hofstetter MD, PhD, MPH
Katherine Graff BSN, RN
Chrystal Averette, MPH
Facilitator: Phillip Wiltzius MS, CHES

Free E-Courses
D rop Your Assumptions and Pick Up the Evidence: Strategies for Communication with Parents About Vaccines

Face masks can reduce the amount of virus escaping in the breath and coughs  of people infected with different respiratory viruses, including a mild coronavirus, influenza and a rhinovirus that causes the common cold.

The COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 2.6 million cases around the world, and growing each day, has shown us the indisputable value of vaccines.

Although more than  40 organizations  are developing the COVID-19 vaccine, only three have made it to human testing. 

To avoid outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and keep children protected, vaccinations and well-child visits are essential!

As we are allowed to move around our communities more freely and be in contact with more people in more places more regularly, the risks to ourselves and our family are significant. Learn more

 Most parents vaccinate, but the effects of even a slight downturn in vaccination rates for highly infectious diseases can result in outbreaks. Learn more
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Founded in 1994, the Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (IACW), a program of WithinReach, works to improve the health of the community by minimizing the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases through the optimal use of immunizations across the lifespan.